Does E-mail Marketing Actually Work ?

Does E-mail Marketing Actually Work ?

E-mail marketing is such a misunderstood concept. Whenever you hear this word it just reminds you of all the cheap promotional spam you get on uninspiring products. Change your method of approach and you’ll find that it is one of the best ways to reach your target consumers.

Here’s why!


#1 Keep in touch

Everyone loves a personalized postcard. People buy using their feelings and justify it with logic. Having personal and caring messages sent out to your clients will make them feel at home. Once you start genuinely caring for your clients and let them know why you do, they will soon see value in that. There is no such thing as a useless conversation. Instead of spamming them with noisy offers, a well market tested email with an embedded video can be up to 40% more efficient. Email marketing is not dead and it’s an invaluable method to raise brand awareness when done properly.


#2 Smartphones are everywhere

A recent study by stated that up to 77% of emails are opened on mobile phones. Gone are the days of relying upon incoherent SMS broadcasts that took a bite out of the budget because of the rising costs. Emails are free! Using them wisely can lead to monumental reach that you didn’t have before. Another great thing about E-mail is that it can be embedded with attractive graphics and buttons that link directly to your brand. Your newsletter can be a source of information to the user. He/she will have a trustable learning experience from where they can make an informed decision before buying the product. Embedding videos into the mails make the process even better.


#3 Everyone loves Coupons!


Depending on the customers you might want to attract to your brand, coupons can be a good or bad thing. Generally speaking, Indian consumers prefer products that give good value for money. E-mails giving your dedicated customers coupon codes thanking them for their trust is a sure-fire way to keep them happy and loyal. Strategic discounts and coupon code promotions can bring in consumers from all walks of life.




#4 Targeted Messaging


Once a customer signs up to your mailing list, you will have a proper understanding of their needs. Customer demographics help in a deeper understanding of their shopping styles and trends. Sending targeted offers to such users through emails will have a very high success rate. Invaluable insights into your customer base come with responsibly. Spamming them with irritating emails will help in only one thing- losing the customer. Properly thought out content that helps them learn and understand the intricacies of the process will, in fact, earn loyalty.



#5 Boost Brand Awareness


If there is one thing that E-mail marketing does best is keeping your prospects interested. Any new development or product that you sell shall personally be received by the clients. Keeping them updated on your growth will make them even more interested. Such organic growth is what your business is what we need. Lead my example- showcasing them what they are missing out will help them understand why they need you more. Value and Customer relations go hand in hand.

There is a reason why your customer subscribed to your newsletter – They are interested and want to learn more. Providing them with nurturing content with the advisable tactic. This can be done through weekly digests, letters, life hacks, tips, and tricks or even organizing contests. Doing this sets you apart from the throngs of people who just rely on cheap spamming.


I hope this article helps you understand that E-mail marketing is still one of the leading ways to promote your brand when done reasonably.

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