Generating Backlinks has never been this Easy!

Generating Backlinks has never been this Easy!

Is your slick new website getting the number of clicks it deserves? The design is perfect, the domain name is catchy, the graphics are impeccable, and the content is inspiring. But when you searched for your brand on the search engine it isn’t even turning up on the first page. Is that it? All that work for nothing? Don’t fret, there is a simple solution to all your problems- More Backlinks.


This isn’t some mumbo-jumbo word that you need to fear. Simply put, backlinks are links on other websites that direct back to your webpage. That isn’t so bad! The most websites that link back to you, the more traffic you get. Simple!

The Quality of backlinks plays a huge role too. Backlinks from authoritative websites (famous ones) generate bigger traffic. And it’s organic! There is no need to spend a huge load of money on paid promotions if you use the right strategies to generate more of those precious backlinks – because after all, it is the most important metric for Search Engine Optimization.


Here’s how you can get started:

#1 Guest Blogging


The internet is filled with popular websites that are in heavy demand for quality content. Original content that matters is a rarity. If you know your stuff and putting them into attractive words won’t be a problem, then Guest blogging is the best way to get started. Start off by approaching these popular websites in your niche. Suppose you own a brand related to gaming, a start off by emailing the editor of IGN or GameSpot on your amazing review on the latest Batman game. If they like it, they will probably publish your content. Doing this will unload you with a fresh shipment of refined audience. Growing your online reputation by guest writing to various authoritative websites will help you establish yourself independently. In your article, you can backlink your own website and this generates amazing traffic. Use social media to interlink these posts with one another to streamline the incoming traffic.


#2 Spy on Competition


Go ahead and subscribe to all their newsletters. Be aware of the content they are publishing and know their next move before even they know it. Well established brands will have a proper channel for generating their backlinks. Learn their ways and try to incorporate that into your business model. There is no shame in that. We all are here to grow and every warrior on the battlefield is someone to learn from.



A good tip is setting a Google alert for their website:

This helps you keep up with their latest updates and changes in trends.

#3 Internal Links


Link everything within your website first! Before looking over into other companies, the best way to keep the traffic circulating within your website is by linking up all related articles and blogs. Creation of these links keeps the link juice flowing within your blog. The more link juice, the more traffic! Suppose I write a blog on how to be an influencer on Instagram, I’ll be sure to mention my blog about how to advertise myself on Facebook somewhere within it. Readers are always craving for quality content. If we keep this chain going, this will even lead to a development in the brand image.


#4 Promotions


Sometimes the greatest of content escapes the public eyes because of a lack of promotions. Don’t let this be the downfall for your brand. Get out there and contact every blogger you know, websites that publish articles on a daily or weekly basis. Once you’ve got their attention, let them know you can offer them services or products in exchange for a review or an article about your company. These famous bloggers have a wide audience and a mention of your brand in their articles will be a powerful backlink. Go ahead and do an email outreach to promote your best articles. Use all the tools in your arsenal and make the best of it.

Once you get a grasp all these concepts, getting those scrumptious backlinks won’t be a problem. Good luck out there entrepreneurs!


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