OK Google, What does the new Conversational Search mean ?


OK Google, What does the new Conversational Search mean ?

Google Conversational Search

A giant leap in how search engines work, Google’s new conversational search revolutionizes how data is going to be processed throughout the web.

A few years ago, the very idea of having a normal conversation with your phone would be proper science fiction material. After Siri from Apple, now language processing and semantics is a huge domain where big companies are investing in. This is because they know that this untapped market is where the big money is. Days where you can just talk to the browser and it will find you a good t-shirt that’ll go with the jeans you are wearing are not far.

This journey is being kickstarted by the conversational search implemented in Google. The Google search bar now has a little microphone icon near which along you to talk with it. The highlight of this new development is that it not only just listens to you but also talks back.

Once you have got a website that is properly Search Engine Optimized up and running, these websites are interlinked along with the Google Knowledge Graph. Doing this gives Google a more concise and statistical understanding of your services. The search engine can collect names, ages, prices and other such understandable data from your website.

This Knowledge Graph once integrated with the Conversational Search will open new ways where the brand can integrate with the audience.

Imagine just telling your phone – “OK Google, what’s the best place I can buy furniture nearby?”

This isn’t just a couple of words stringed together; it has a specific meaning. Google uses your location to find out all the nearby furniture stores. From that list using SEO techniques and domain authority links, it finds the most trustworthy of those domains to give you a good list.

Even before this information is processed, the language processing engine is so refined that it can understand exactly what you say and provides you with results with not just the keywords, but which make sense.

SearchEngineLand wrote an article about this in 2013 where the author had used an example of asking google, how old Barack Obama was. The results were pretty impressive for the time.

Here is a hyperlink to the article which will help you exactly understand what happened.

Google uses advanced speech recognition along with the Knowledge graph to pick out just the data needed and display it on its information card. This is easily accessible and a very optimized result. Google is changing according to the times and every digital marketing company should be able to keep up with the trends.

Another development is that the search engine is aware of what kind of topic you’re currently digging up on. In case you search for traveling and your next search is on Chennai, you will get information about traveling in Chennai. It adapts and understands what you are saying and tailor the results to suit your changing needs.

Searches can be linked together and chained for a stream of data on related topics.

Here is an example:


User- OK Google, how old is Donald Trump?

Google –


User- Who is his wife?










User- What’s her height?




Note how the last question was just “What’s her height?”

Using a contextual understanding of what exactly is going on, search engine can understand what the user needs.

Intelligent use of these new algorithms can open new avenues for your business to flourish on. Make sure you keep yourself updated on the latest search engine trends so that you keep leading in your field.

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