Three Amazing Ways to Market on Facebook


Three Amazing Ways to Market on Facebook


In 2018 – leaving out Facebook from your marketing campaign would not be a wise decision. However small or humble your business is, you can never have enough customers. The world wide web has brought the world closer together. You can sell pickles to Australia from your house if you’re interested.

With more than 1.45 billion users, Facebook is skyrocketing into unimaginable proportions. Any sensible businessman wouldn’t ignore a customer base that big. And the icing on top is that 66% of the active users’ login every day. Proper branding and marketing on these platforms can lead to huge success stories. An example would be Facebook itself. Overtaking Myspace and Orkut – Facebook has established itself as a heavyweight in the social media industry. With no endgame in sight, we know for a fact that it’s here to stay.

User demographics state that most of the users are between the ages of 18-29. This kind of information is crucial to your brand’s progress. You can target locations and interests. Setting up local communities and a place to gather together for like-minded people is an amazing way to reach a new audience.

Three ways to Market on Facebook


#1 Go ahead and create your brand Page!


Instead of creating a normal account for your brand that is limited by the number of friends you can have, or the necessity for a mutual relationship – Brands can set up a Facebook page for marketing their products. It’s very simple and easy to set-up. All businesses should have a Facebook page with an attractive Facebook Cover picture and Profile Picture. This shows that your brand is ready to network and proves their authenticity. Customers prefer learning about your brand online rather that you tell them. Your brand’s identity is just a Google search away. Making sure that your brand is available on all channels of Social Media so that they can do their own research. Once users like your page, they will continue to receive updates of your brand on their newsfeed. Instead of spamming these users with noisy content, focusing on quality promotions such as discounts occasionally or other such offers will keep them interested.


#2 Ads! Ads! Ads!


Facebook has the most unique targeted marketing platforms on the internet right now.  Targeting specific locations or people of a certain age has never been easier. This goes even as far as to the type of phone the user is browsing on. You just turn a blind eye to such captivating data. Using these customer demographics, you can target specific products of your brand to specific people which no one was ever able to do before. A deeper understanding of the people who you are selling to will ensure that you as a brand is able to evolve according to their changing needs.




#3 Start networking with your own community


Have you heard of Reddit? Well if you haven’t, it’s a discussion forum where people from all different walks of life can come and interact with each other and share ideas. Facebook groups are like these discussion forums, but with additional features. Having a dedicated community that offers you real feedback is a huge bonus. Your brand will be able to identify its flaws and market the product in a better way. There are a lot of potential customers out there- using these tools can help get them easier.




Facebook is powerful and flexible. This is the right time to invest in Ads, Pages, and Groups to get all those potential customers that your brand has! Go forth and prosper fellow netizens, I hope this little article gave you a better idea of the different ways you can use Facebook to your advantage!

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