The Fine Line Between Black Hat & White Hat SEO

The Fine Line Between Black Hat & White Hat SEO

Once your website is up and running, the first thing you’d want to concentrate on would be improving your search engine rankings. There are a lot of ways to approach SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The better your ranking, the better the chance of attracting potential customers through the internet. Rerouting all that traffic back to your website is obviously a priority, the method you plan on achieving this makes all the difference. Let’s talk about black hat Seo and white hat Seo.

Black Hat SEO


Black hats are notorious for being the outlaws of the internet. No rules, quick fixes and massive benefits. Sounds perfect right? Think again – once your website, if found to be using techniques that use these loopholes and bend the rules to your, will simply put – will be banned. Your search engine rankings will plummet, and you’ll be left scraping the bottom of the barrel. The only way to go back up is building from the ground up, and even that is quite the task after being blacklisted on the internet.

This being said, black hat SEO strategies and techniques are those that focus on the search algorithms rather than the actual users. Using methods such as Keyword stuffing, Link farming, Hidden text and Blog content spamming websites can get hundreds of backlinks. Although unethical and risky, the results do show.

Keyword stuffing:

Using irrelevant and incoherent keywords that make no sense just to capture the attention of the search engine.
Examples – We sell custom cigars. Our custom cigars are handmade. If you’re thinking of buying a custom cigar, please contact our custom cigar specialists at


Link farming:

A link farm is a bunch of sites that all linked to every other site in the group. These mostly created and run by bots and automated services. It works by spamming the index of the search engine.












Hidden texts:

This is one of the old black hat tactics that used to work on the less sophisticated search engine algorithms of earlier times. Hidden texts with jargon keywords that attract the most attention as possible for the search engine is used. This includes and is not limited to competitor names. Its a cheap and ineffective way to gain attention.

Blog content spamming:

Just unloading copious amounts of blogs filled with keywords onto the internet so that it gets the attention of the web crawler. The issue arises because most of these blogs aren’t original and are ripped of from hard working content writers.

White Hat SEO

digital-marketing-chennai-adhunttTargeting organic users through ethical means – this is what white hat SEO stands for. A good example of people who follow these methods would be

Using extensive keyword analysis, articles are constructed in such a way that it connects with the users at the same time generates proper traffic. Using reputed methods of backlinking is another example. Writing articles for popular brands and getting featured in their pages results in high-quality backlinks too. Re-writing metatags and keeping an up to date website is hard work, but in the end, it is the best way to achieve sustainable SEO.


Long-term results are what you should aim for and this can be done only through organic following by quality content.

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