Want followers on LinkedIn ?

Want followers on LinkedIn ?

LinkedIn isn’t just for job searchers. Going online and checking through you’ll find that there is an unimaginable number of small companies who showcase themselves on LinkedIn. One of the primary forms of getting exposure in the entrepreneurial scene is through a portfolio you the create here. Genuinely interesting articles and imaginative content that captivates the senses is what sets your company apart from the others. With an access to more than 467 million professionals distributed over 200 countries, LinkedIn provides a lot of potentials to attract new customers. Being particularly suited for B2B businesses is an added bonus.

Here are a few ways to make sure you use the best of your page to boost your brand awareness:

#1 Connect and Grow

At the end of the day, social networking is all about connections. Making sure that businesses see the best of you is quite important. Instead of spamming people with a connection requests and repetitive InMails, concentrate on your brand instead. Build your profile carefully so that it instills a sense of trust in your prospects. After all, You are your own brand. Testimonials make a very powerful statement. Highlighting your achievements are a good tip too. People don’t have the patience to scan through entire 1000 word articles in search of why they should choose you. Easily presentable quotes that stick to their memory should be used instead

First impressions matter, just keep that in mind.

#2 More Quality Contents


One of the very few websites that rely on organic following, the only way you can get more reach is through interesting and thought-provoking content. There is no cheat-code or shortcut to get to the top. No way to pay your way to the top either. If you remember that phrase for Digital Marketing 101 – “Content is King”, we’ll that is literal in the case of LinkedIn. The most powerful tool in your arsenal for brand-building, don’t take this lightly. Spending time and effort to write efficient worthy articles will be rewarded in the long run. Don’t worry if you are unable to receive immediate results. Keep at it and someone will take notice, within no time it will blow up.

#3 Get in touch with the Editorial Team


Curated content has a higher preference and this is a fact. LinkedIn uses the Pulse platform to publish recognized quality content from reputed content writers. The Editorial Team in charge of this project also gives publish content from new users if they deem it to be worthy. If you’re starting off new, a good way to get kickstarted is by having your article on the front page of Pulse. You can do this by first, Writing a good article. Put your time and effort into it making sure that it is readable and purely original. Brush up on the latest marketing trends and come up with blogs that have your take on them. Sending them to @LinkedInEditor may result in them showcasing your article on their page. Pulse has a huge following and if the article gets a bit of traction your business will notice a huge increase in the following.

#4 Consistency is the Key

Never slow down for anyone, the world notices not just amazing people, but the ones that are great every single day. Instead of writing content that will be published on weekends or once a few days. Continuous production of high-quality content every day increase SEO of the webpage and its domain authority. Link other articles you’ve have written in the article to keep the link juice going within. This keeps the readers interested and also gives them the opportunity to explore more of your content.

#5 Be yourself


Write about what you love. Stop conforming to the society and let your originality shine. I know that this sounds silly, but if you write from the heart about the little things that peak your interest, readers will take notice. They will.

There it is, 5 simple ways to get a boost for your LinkedIn page. Go organic, grow natural.

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