Advance SEO Hacks That Boost Your Game

Advance SEO Hacks That Boost Your Game

There is always room for improvement. Keep that in mind. Sticking to the old guns can only take you so far; Here are a few SEO hacks you can use to push the stagnating boundaries of your brand.

#1 Graphics, Graphics, Infographics

Who likes reading a lot? We’ll personally I do, but a lot of your customers would not be too inclined to read an 1800 word essay about your products and services. A well-optimized page always uses easy to understand pictures and vectors. A more colorful and striking representation of all those boring statistics in a concise and crisp manner is always more than welcome.

Here is an infographic on infographics by

NeoMam Studios:


#2 Round-up Posts anyone?


Don’t get put off by the fancy name. A round-up strategy begins by contacting experts(read bloggers or social media influencers) to share their points of views on a certain topic. You in turn promise to put up the best of those posts on your pages. The beautiful thing about this method is that it brings in so much organic traffic. Both parties being equally benefitted in the process, you get unbelievable growth in traffic meanwhile the influencer gains popularity and authenticity by being a representative for your brand.

#3 Deeeeeeep Linking

Deep linking is the process where you link everything to everything. Remeber all those dusty blog posts you wrote dozens of weeks ago? All that doesn’t have to go in vain. Whenever you write something new, be sure to mention the old posts somewhere in there to redirect the traffic.


What happens when you do this is that it not only improves the SEO of the current page but for all the pages it is linked to. A simple but amazing way to keep the user exploring your content. More clicks the better!

#4 Never stop learning from your Competitors


Whenever I research about my competitors, the first thing I do is subscribe to their mailing list. This gives me insight into their marketing strategy. The SEO analyst can use a number of tools to learn about the exact keywords being used by them too. A good content writer can research on those words and write better content. It gives you a spine, a backbone to build your content on. You should trust in the process that good content is the best way to gain an organic following. And the best case study for this is when Starbucks trying to expand in China. After initial struggles, substantial investments were put into researching its competitor. Using new strategies, Starbucks succeeded in overthrowing the reigning coffee king of China.

#5 Update that Content!


Age old content has no value. Keep up with the times and learn daily. Research new ways to research your customers. Learn about their preferences and write about them. The more you keep your following informed, the more authority you gain. Keep your statistics up to date. Writing with headings that are catchy and attractive can help get even more attention. Not a lot of people want to read ‘Advanced Search Engine Optimization Algorithms and Methods which when used correctly can help gain an organic following for your website’

Use something flashier ‘Secret SEO Hacks that the experts don’t tell you!’. Sounds better, doesn’t it!

See! You are learning. Make sure that you use the best of all the above tips. Good luck.

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