Online Reputation Management – An Introduction


Online Reputation Management – An Introduction

Reputation is reputation, online or offline and for any well-reputed company online reputation management is really important. Managing how your brand is perceived by the outside world is undeniably important. You might have the best of the best product, but what benefit does it have if it isn’t perceived for what it is.

Online Reputation is forever


Longterm accumulation of negative reviews can take a toll. You might just brush off the occasional bad review just for the sake of it, but even the least threatening 2-star rating can make customers think twice before trusting you. Being aware of your online persona is important.







People do their own research

What do you think the first thing a person does when they here your brand. They Google it! The information being flooded on their 5inch screen through a search is more valuable to them that a million words you could tell them. Imagine scrolling through your brand’s reviews and finding an occasional 1 star in the middle of a flood of 5-stars. The guy will click and look into the 1-star ignoring the rest of the good reviews. Such is the current state of consumer mindset these days. Wouldn’t you want your brand to be received by the public how you wanted it to be? Simply put, ORM or Online reputation management helps you get there.

“Our reputation is more important than the last hundred million dollars.” – Rupert Murdoch

Here are a few stats I gathered about this from Brightlocal

  • 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more
  • 49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business

Correct your mistakes

Online Reputation Management is the intersection of two circles, Online Reputation Monitoring and Online Reviews. Monitoring of your presence gives you an insight into the inconveniences faced by your consumers. Of course, some of them will be blatant inaccuracies but most of them might be genuine concerns. Fixing up those issues and letting your consumer know about it will bring back a stronger attraction towards your brand. And what form of marketing is better than a truly happy customer.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Tell them your story

Breaking appearances and being genuine is the best way to vibe with the customers. People these days don’t prefer corporates and tight-lipped businessmen. Why give of that image when you can give an interesting individual. Replying to the genuine concerns in a friendly manner and let them know that know that you’ll look into it, fix the problem and make sure it never happens again.

Doubledown on Privacy

Keep note of all the personal information you’ve shared online. Try to keep the personal information trade to a minimal while at the same time being friendly. This gives more control on what part of you is available to the public and what is not. Blackhat hackers and hijackers will have a tough time figuring you out and damaging your persona.

Don’t be a drama queen

There will be times when you will come across hateful and hurtful comments. Taking part in such conversations will be only lead to bad outcomes. It brings in unwanted attention and takes away the focus from whats important. Whatsmore, media companies can take note and twist your words to make it more sensational. Why all this drama when you can maintain your class with some silence.

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