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4 Grave Digital Marketing Mistakes


4 Grave Digital Marketing Mistakes

The digital marketing game is a tough one. Extremely competitive times require you to keep reinventing the wheel, break it and recreate it again to keep thriving. If you are a beginner in this game, before you deep dive into the depths of these waters, it better to know of the dangers that lie ahead. Here are a few pointers that will help you know the difference between the dos and the don’ts of digital marketing.

Not keeping up with the times


The internet tide rises and falls everyday washing ashore new trends and hacks to be exploited. Sticking to your trusty old’ guns of marketing might work for a while but soon you will realize that you might not be getting the same amount of traffic you used to get. “Why is this happening now?”, you might think. Its simple, you can’t keep rehashing old content over and over – people take notice. This can seriously tarnish the reputation of your brand. Learn with the times and uses the latest viral methods to your advantage. Set high benchmarks and keep pushing forward every day.

Plain Boring Websites


Written content is good, no one is finding fault with that – its the best way to gain SEO. But imagine having a website that’s just bland filled with only words from top to bottom. In hectic times such as these, your customers are very fast to judge you. Having a boring website can lead to a bad brand image. Replacing these with infographics and animated slick content will keep the customer more time within the website. Usage of strategically placed videos and images that ignite interest can help you gain more followers. After all, the longer the visitor stays on your website, the better the SEO

Not Automating your Marketing


Managing all your social media handles, websites, blogs and video content manually can a tedious task. Like it or not, automating a part of these tasks can help you multitask more efficiently – yes its a hard pill to swallow. Some creators say that they’d rather manage all the content by themselves and this is acceptable for a small beginning. But imagine having many clients, this would be the death of you. Start with the little things such as using applications that help your twitter handle manage your followers. Then branch out and make it pre-schedule your posts at regular intervals to keep your audience engaged. Not using such tools would be a definite loss right now.

Lack of Diversity


Yes, you might be comfortable with sticking to daily Instagram posts and blogs. This surely will work for you – for a while. But not branching out and staying in one place will just make your brand stale. Make bold moves by investing in other forms of marketing such as creating Video Content. After Facebook and Instagram, it is YouTube where the most number of people engage with on a daily basis. Having an engaging channel that creates original content regularly will be definitely appreciated by your followers. Gradually wade into the unknown waters and conquer them one by one. The trials at the start will be worth it in the end.

Have you learned of the 4 Deadly Digital Marketing Mistakes that your brand can make? Now learn about more ways you can market through facebook right here.




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