Why do I need Retargeting and Remarketing ?


Why do I need Retargeting and Remarketing ?

Promoting your new brand online through social media and efficient  SEO strategies can get your website huge amounts of traffic. But did you know that only 2% of your audience base is willing to spend money and buy your product on the first visit? If a 1000 people visit your website, it converts to only 20 people actually buying the product. This statistic can be very disheartening to a lot of start-ups. Many brands believe that just investing in a digital marketer will make them overnight internet superstars. This is a fairy tale. The only way that you can capture the attention of the rest of the 98% audience will be through Retargeting and Remarketing.

Aren’t they the same thing?


No, they aren’t. Although used in a synonymous manner in marketing circles, retargeting and remarketing are entirely different strategies. It is like saying, “If my grandmother had wheels, she would be a motorcycle.”

Let us dive into the differences.

What is this Retargeting you talk about?

Customer retargeting is the best way to get your potential audience to convert to sales. This begins by following your visitor’s footsteps. I know that it sounds like a sneaky move, but listen – you’ve probably heard of cookies right? Cookies are the little bits of information your visitors take back every time one visits your website. These cookies are carried along by your visitors who came window shopping. This person leaves cookie crumbs all along the way as he visits other websites too. Now he is the best part – the person gets targeted ads of your websites on every other website he visits as well. The ads used should be subtle and a gentle reminder that this great unmissable deal is waiting for them at

Essentially this is how retargeting works. Methods like these encourage your audience to revisit your brand website. Revisiting users have a 70% chance more to buy a product. The usage of this method on such users make sure that you get the best of your marketing team.

If that was Retargeting, then what is Remarketing?

Now isn’t that the question of the century. Let’s jump into it without further ado. Remarketing is basically using emails to get that sweet audience attention. Once the user has signed up on your website to view your products, the person is now a privileged member of your brand. Use this opportunity wisely to send them optimized newsletters and promotions so that they get reminded of your brand. Marketing 101 says that being relevant is the best way to keep your audiences undivided attention. Remarketing is one of the finest ways to keep that going.

Still not convinced of the importance of the above strategies? Let us see if some examples might help.

CMO by Adobe has published the below data

  • According to CMO, retargeting marketing represented 1,046 percent of lift in trademark search behavior in a study that analyzed various strategies for lifting search activity.
  • Only 11 percent of consumers feel negative about retargeted ads. On the other hand, 89 percent feel either positive or neutral about them, according to e-marketer.
  • Retargeting can boost ad response by a whopping 400 percent.
  • Jeff Jarret, the VP of Digital Marketing at Kimberly-Clark, the corporation known for its personal and healthcare products, has stated that it sees a 50 to 60 percent higher conversion rate amongst customers who have been retargeted versus those who haven’t been.

How should I get started?


Growing your brand is not a one-step process. This is something that every businessman and entrepreneur must understand. You might have the brightest and most creative idea on the planet. But it is more or less worthless if not packaged in a proper way. Marketing should be done parallelly on all frontiers. Retargeting and Remarketing should be one of the many facets of your marketing strategy. Pairing up your retargeting with an innovative ad campaign is the best place to start. This is not something you should be pursued independently.

Here are a few retargeting services that can help you get that coveted 98%:

  1.  Adhuntt
  2. Retargeter
  3. Perfect Audience

Should I be interested in this?

The answer to this question is simple: Yes you should. It doesn’t matter if you are a budding entrepreneur or a media mogul. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, the answer is the same. You need to be using retargeting if you want your product or service to reach its maximum potential. The research couldn’t be more straightforward – retargeting will help you to turn potential customers into happy customers. And at the end of the day, isn’t that all we need? Happy Customers!




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