Juicy Details about Facebook’s latest Video Ad Metrics Update


Juicy Details about Facebook’s latest Video Ad Metrics Update

Video consumption has changed. We have evolved. The way video is packaged to the patterns of them being watched has changed. After a lot of push by the brands and marketing companies, Facebook has finally changed it video ad metrics. These metrics are more suited times and reflect the latest trends. Facebook is a company that is built upon quality content sharing within communities. This is one of the reasons why video marketing on it is a hugely successful strategy.


Why do I need an update on the video ad metrics?

Videos are the best way to connect with customers emotionally. Videos convince more than 92% of B2B prospects. YouTube is where more than 4 billion videos are watched every day. Most of the videos are clipped up and marketed on FaceBook too. One of the latest video ad metrics on Facebook stated that 1/3rd of shoppers purchase after watching a video ad. This is good news for all the video marketers out there. This is why an update is required to meet the evolving trends and needs. Any marketer would be foolish to pass up on these!


Focus on Consumption

The most important update here is the renewed focus on the consumption of the videos. Facebook is going to be shifting to metrics that are more centered around unrepeated seconds.

What are unrepeated seconds?

Have you noticed the difference between the videos on Facebook and that on other video sharing platforms? It’s a tiny little feature that turns the entire metric calculation even more challenging.  It is the ability to pause and rewind ads. Only Facebook has this nifty ability. In reality, this brings chaos for marketers who just want to see how long the consumers have watched their video.

If I had a brand and ran an Ad, I’d just want to see how effective my video was. The repeated seconds is just marginal data that I do not want on my scale. Enter – Unrepeated Seconds.

Unrepeated seconds removes all the fuzzy unnecessary details to give you only the important video ad metrics that matter. The best information in the most convenient form possible. Thank you, Facebook!


Heard of Video Plays?

Whenever I travel and I am in places with low connectivity or when the battery is running low, I don’t run into a lot of ads on Facebook. Have you noticed this? This is an important feature that makes sure a user gets the best of his or her social media feed. Brand owners and marketers who spend huge amounts of money on those ads are bothers by this feature. This is because there is a large number of potential customers who are being blindly left away from these promotions. To bring an end to this dispute, Facebook has drawn a smart line on the sand. It’s called Video Plays.

Now whenever you are in conditions where data connectivity is an issue, the video is replaced by a thumbnail. Clicking this thumbnail plays the video. You can scroll past it so it doesn’t affect your feed too. Video Plays are a good way to reach out to that audience. Now this satisfies both the normal users and the advertisers as well.


Third Party Support

Facebook video ad metrics are not perfect. As a brand, you would rather get insights that matter. This is why the now it supports third-party measurement products as well. These products can help you organize your video ad metrics in a much more streamlined and understandable manner. For those who value their productivity, this is a gold mine. A good example of on such a product is Oracle Data Cloud’s MOAT. Support for MOAT means the ability to visualize the direct and programmatic relationships between brands, publishers, networks, and programmatic execution platforms.


Removing unused metricsdigital-marketing-chennai-adhuntt

A lot of metrics, in the end, turned out to be just jargon. No one asked for these and no one needs these. Sorry Facebook, but we don’t need them. The echoes of “Metrics that Matter” were finally answered when more than 20 metrics that just were a waste of space was removed. Now you can concentrate on the more important ones to get your brand better.

Don’t stop with just that. The best way to keep your customers interested is to learn about what they need. Learn better ways to market on Facebook too.


I hope this article has been of help. To keep learning about the latest digital marketing strategies do follow our blog! Get the best brand experience you can with Adhuntt.



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