The Creative Suite and the New YouTube Ad Tools


The Creative Suite and the New YouTube Ad Tools

Advertising on YouTube has always been a hassle. It worked well for the demands of the yesteryears. But in today’s cluttered and unpredictable Internet foundation, the base is wobbling. For all these years we had no choice but to stick with the mundane and limited toolset we were offered.  But things have changed now. YouTube has grabbed our hearts again for the best update of the year. Understanding the concerns of advertisers who spend hard earned money on their platform and complaints from end users as well, YouTube revealed a bundle of amazing tools that solve all of this. This includes the creative suite and a bunch of irreplaceable youtube ad tools.

What are the Youtube Ad Tools?


A ray of sunshine in a desolate landscape is what they are. Of all its latest offerings, the most notable one is the Creative Suite. YouTube’s creative suite is a wide array of tools that are packaged to offer the best way to measure the effectiveness of your ad. The best thing about this is the ability to experiment! Its like we have our very own sandbox to play with now. Getting to try out new tools without huge repercussions on the investments is such a blessing. It makes sense that this should exist. It gives more delightful content that enhances the user experience and more impactful ads for the advertisers. “Two birds in a bush.” is what I would say. Way to go YouTube!

Why does this matter to me?

With more than 4 billion videos being watched daily on YouTube, do you think it is a wise decision to walk away from this market? Leaving a gold mine of opportunities behind at the face of a few hurdles is not what a capable businessman would do.  Good job for all of them that stood their ground because the engagement on YouTube is not something to be scoffed at. 4 billion marketing opportunities. With 1.9 billion users who engage regularly, this is a huge market to work on. No other video sharing community has even come close to this.

This should be your gameplan:

Convert the engaged customers to business customers.

Sounds simple enough. But beneath the mask, it is something of a jigsaw puzzle to work. Only the experienced marketers could tread through this dangerous jungle to get to the lost treasure. But now things are more streamlined. YouTube Ad Tools gives you the creative freedom to try and test your designs before finalizing them.


The two branches

The updates help you achieve two main goals. The first one is to give you never before seen insights. The second one giving you better ways to tell your story.

Insight tools:

  • Video Experiment

Video Creative Analytics Tools

  • Director Mix
  • Video Ad Sequencing Tools

The Video Experiment Sandbox

The Video Experiment sandbox allows you to test out your ad campaign in real-time. This gives you an idea of how the consumers might perceive your ad. More sophisticated statistics means more raw data to work with. You can play around with the tools and watch how the stats rise or drop. This is something that we have all been praying for. Now you can actually do this and once you are satisfied with your ad, you can have its official release. The ability to measure the awareness an ad will have before jumping in headfirst into murky waters is a giant advantage. The maximum effectiveness with the best efficiency is what you get

“Video Experiments allows someone to do that in a live testing environment at very low cost so they can get insights within days where you can actually put versions of your creative or one creative [piece] against different audiences to actually get insights that will fuel your campaign before you actually do the big push.”

– Debbie Weinstein

Debbie is the YouTube managing director of Global Solutions. She had said this to AdWeek during their promotions.

Video Creative Analytics Tools

This the best YouTube ad tool for creatives who want to know how to improve their storytelling. It gives a good way to know where your audience interest is peaked and at what part their interest drops off. Knowing this lets you know how to improve your overall content. We will see more about this and Director Mix in the next blog.


What now?

Now with this precise knowledge, you can create content that your audience will love. You can learn about the best ways to promote your merchandise. All of this without wasting your investments in the potholes of the internet highway. Keep subscribed to learn more about the latest tools of the marketing worlds.





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