Save Time and Kill Stress with these Social Media Scheduling Tools


Save Time and Kill Stress with these Social Media Scheduling Tools

The hustle and bustle around the digital market is getting louder and louder every day. Brands are investing a lot of money in the creation of quality content. All of those pictures, articles, and videos are out there waiting to be consumed by the perfect audience. But a lot of the brands forget about the importance of Content delivery. Choosing the right time and place to upload your post in such a way that can attract the most audience is a lost art. I’ve personally come across such content and thought to myself, “Hey, that deserves a lot more shares!”

What are we talking about?

Switching hard work with smart work should be your next marketing move. This can be done through the use of social media scheduling tools. Schedulers can help save your brand loads of time. By the end of the week, you can be pushing out more content at the perfect time in such a way that maximizes its visibility.


Why scheduling?

Get the best engagement – Perfectly timed post can do your brand wonders. This is how you go viral.

Time saver – imagine all the time you can be saving by pre-planning all your content for the future. Kill that stress.

Consistency – To stay relevant to your audience you have to find the perfect balance between sharing too much and sharing one post per month.

The Goods



Hootsuite is the first name that pops into every marketer’s mind when someone mentions social media scheduler. It is the embodiment of everything this article is about. The one-stop solution to all your social media scheduling problems. Take a guess of how many platforms that Hootsuite supports – 35! It supports 35 social media platforms. If you are a brand that does a lot of posting on the go, do give this nifty app a try. You can monitor multiple streams in one place. All of your social media accounts are just a click away. Cross-platform support is another huge bonus. You don’t need to worry about switching between your Mac and Windows.



Buffer is one of the leading social media scheduling solutions out there. Just like Hootsuite, Buffer provides you with a versatile array of features that can fulfill all your requirements. The reason why many people choose this is because of how easy it is to use. Buffer has found a way to provide one-click easy scheduling without compromising of delivering maximum functionality.

A very impressive feature is its inclusion of Chrome extensions. This means that you could just be browsing the web, find something that sparks your interest and just schedules it to be shared – all in one go! That’s not all. Buffer masters in analytics, giving you details about the best time to post your content based on your follower’s activity.

The free plan offers the following features

  • Manage 3 Social Media Profiles
  • Schedule up to 10 posts
  • Those nifty lil Chrome Extensions
  • Integration with Mobile Apps

You always have the option to buy a membership in case you want more from them.



SocialOomph has recently taken over the social media promotion business by storm. And it has a very good reason as well. SocialOomph is quite the gamechanger. It has all the features that you would expect out of a world-class social media scheduling service. Multiplatform support, the ability to streamline multiple accounts simultaneously, monitor your audience engagement rates – you name it – SocialOomph has got it. Now, what sets it apart is its unique tools.

SocialOomph gives you the ability to automate Direct Messages(DMs) that are sent to new users. The is quite an amazing feat. People will always love a personal touch, just don’t spam and annoy your loyal followers.  You can also set up a keyword search to penetrate through millions of Twitter users and find out the best influencers you can recruit for your ad campaign. Are you an avid blog writer? Do you have multiple blog sites and find it hard to optimize each article for every format? SocialOomph can help you publish the same blog on multiple platforms with just a click! Now, that’s a lean mean social management machine!

Tweet Deck


All the other scheduling services we’ve seen till now focused on offering the most functionality. They offered support for dozens of social media platforms. And here, standing proudly among them is the king of Tweet scheduling. Tweet Deck focuses on just one thing – Twitter. Its success is because of how simple it is. On the first look, it is a minimalistic designed app that is so easy and comfortable to use. You will feel at home right away! Remeber when your English teacher taught you about the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid(KISS) acronym? Well, this is the result of that kind of perspective. Insanely straightforward, Tweet Deck cuts to the chase and allows you to line up tweets on your deck and schedule when each of them can go live. Don’t let its simple design fool you. Under the cover, Tweet Deck offers hordes of functionality as well. One of the most elegantly designed dashboards in the business, Tweet Deck is the perfect blend of functionality and simplicity.



Never neglect Pinterest in your marketing ventures. One of the very few social media websites that have more female users than men, this creates a niche for all things related to art, fashion and interior design alike. Filled with attractive visual content, your brand should jump in if you cater to such art/design based projects.

If you already do, then you must know that scheduling your pins are just as important here like any other social media platform. Here is where Tailwind makes a splash. Tailwind is for Pinterest what Tweet Deck was for Twitter. It offers unbeatable features that can be used in the simplest ways. Built upon a drag and drop interface, your pin scheduling can never be simpler. Go ahead and choose all the images you want to upload, drag and drop them onto Tailwind and there you have it! That’s it, choose the perfect time for it to be posted and take a back seat. Watch them go live in the queue. If you are a brand that deals with the problem of stale content, you can use the shuffle option to give a little twist to your everyday content strategy. A fresh look is always appreciated.



Now that you have learned about he best social media scheduling tools out there, it’s your turn to choose the one that suits your needs best. You can always rely on a quality digital marketing service like Adhuntt too. Adhuntt can use a combination of these best tools and some exclusive ones to give you the best engagement your brand has ever had. Go ahead and boost your brand. Good luck!





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