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The Art of Writing Great Content


The Art of Writing Great Content

The sun is about to set as the light starts to fade down the horizon. The silhouettes of the dark woods get more menacing with time. Rob curses on why he even thought hiking would solve his writer’s block. Trampling on the damp soil he drudges forward and is soon met with a spectacle. Right in the heart of the forest, the trail he was on for the last few hours tears apart into two different paths. The path on the left was really wide open and inviting. Something about it ticks him off though. Glancing towards the right, Rob studies the other path. This one twists and turns cutting through rough bushes and seems like more of an adventure. Having read the Hero’s Journey by Campbell, a never before felt feeling swept through his spine. Dusting off his shoulders, Rob firmly takes on the rough path. Dirt, grime, the ever-present fear of nocturnal animals and thorny bushes gave him a hard time. Hours fly by as Rob determinedly cuts through thorns trodding over muddy barely visible trails. Finally, he breaks out of the darkness and takes a deep breath. Emerging from the cold damp jungle, he looks up at the sky and sees the breaking of dawn, sunlight piercing through the clouds to warm his dirt plastered face. Far to the left, he notices where the wide path he saw earlier end at the edge of the forest too. With a chuckle, he says “Thank god I took this one!”. The book that Rob writes after, sells millions of copies and now he is a well known local celebrity.


The point of this tale is that any journey isn’t about the destination – It’s the all about the road taken. As a brand would you like to be just like everyone else out there? Churning out disgustingly large amounts of barely readable content that no one cares about? Or would you want to be the one that stood up against the tide? Original, Unique and Creative, you can be the game changer, standing apart in the sea of mediocrity.  Strong great content that tests the fabric of time is hard to create – I won’t lie about that. After all, it is you, the writer that funnels out all the thought onto paper. Feeling drained after a long day of mental work is something we are used to. Coming up with new ideas and introspective methods of delivering your message is a challenge we face every single day. The fact that you are still reading means that I have got your attention. Why not take a step back and broaden your mind before we set out to give others their token!

The Path Less Taken


A writer must be master the art of creating memorable thoughts. Every word keyed in should be able to strick a chord with the readers. A lot of people mistake this for creating ‘sensational’ content. Sensationalism is a word that I hate. Cheap parlor tricks do not amuse me, neither would they amuse your readers. Rule number 1 should be not sacrificing your integrity for the sake of shares and likes. You see this in the media all the time. You can note a lot of brands and media outlets that have quite shamelessly succeeded in this channel. Taking on trendy topics and using misleading titles to get that precious click they wanted. But what happens after that click that they craved for? An obviously disappointed reader avoids your next not so great content like the plague from then on. There goes your brand image right out the window. Taking inspiration from other world-class writers and using their talking points is perfectly alright. Blatant plagiarism on the other hand – is not. Aspire to challenge your reader’s perspectives. Be the voice they need to hear. Articles that educate are always rewarded. Leave your mark without boasting or being smarty pants. Honest open talk is so rare to come by these days. As George Orwell once said, “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Feed your mind


Your brain is what got you here in the first place. The gift of being a creative content creator is not a lot many have. The only way to keep your content fresh and consistent is by feeding your mind.

Read – Spend your time productively and develop the habit of reading books. Pick up the intricacies of storytelling from the connoisseurs themselves.  A book like Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore is a good place to begin as any. Set your thoughts free and run amok as the colors splash – painting out perspectives that have never been heard before.

Self Development – Work on yourself. Do not forget that your brain belongs in a physical body. Workout and push social boundaries. Put all those thoughts you had building up inside into tangible action. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to take on everything at a time. A Jack Of All Trades Is A Master Of None. You will feel a difference in how your thoughts manifest themselves. Follow-through and experience your creative juices flow and take form seamlessly.

Brainstorm – Silly thoughts have the ability to spark the most innovative of ideas. Getting your peers together and discussing your ideas out loud can be a major help. I can’t count the number of times when we have joked about certain things and then slowly watch the idea take form till it becomes a self-reliant force to be reckoned with.

Be the voice that answers


People are always in search of answers. Every day Google is bombarded with 3.5 billion searches. Uff that’s a big number. Most of these searches are in fact queries. From the evergreen “How to tie a tie?” to my personal latest “Best motorcycle chain lubricant”, there are billions of questions out there that need answers. Your brands can outperform the competition if your website can answer all of their brand-related questions. Writers are the kernel of this intricate web. Being a well-read person who cites from reliable sources can boost your trustworthiness. You should aspire to be that writer, whose take on things are respected. Articles that never cut to the chase and beat around the bush just so you can hit a particular word count are a horrid way to go with this. Never exploit your knowledge thirsty audience. Why make a half-baked blog that barely answers the question, when you can spend time researching on the topic a little bit more, just for a better thought out practical one? Yes, it takes time – so does it take for carbon to become diamond. No, don’t take that metaphor literally and spend a billion years on it. Efficient time management is what I am talking about.

Ain’t nobody got the time for that


I can’t underplay how impatient the average internet user is. Of course, I include myself in this too. We as a generation have become so entitled to certain features that we have lost the bare ability to wait a few seconds more. If my article didn’t have quickly recognizable titles and easy to use words, it would never be effective. Whenever we open an article, usually the primal action is to scroll through it all fast – skimming at inhumane rates – judging whether this is worth reading at all. This is why aligning your paragraphs and neatly separated blocks are important. Never miss out on presentation 101. Be bold, visible and easily understandable. I will be sure to write a blog on how to present your blog in the best way in the future.

What now?


This article isn’t for those of you who are looking for some kind of one-click solution to all your writing problems. A transformation of your skillset and style from the ground up isn’t something that happens overnight. Instead of focusing on immediate results, keep building yourself up – one step at a time and before you know it you will be where you wanted to be. If you want a better understanding of how good content can help kickstart your brand, you can checkout Adhuntt’s free consultation. Our brand experts can help analyze where you lack and direct you on the right path to success. The pinnacle of greatness awaits you, my friend. Keep at it and good luck!



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