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4 Habits to Improve your Video Marketing Game

4 Habits to Improve your Video Marketing Game

Every brand requires a video marketing team. Did you know that videos were the most consumed form of content of the internet? Blogs sure are the best way to get SEO and can engage regular readers, but videos are the best way to tell stories. Imagine a world without YouTube! Sounds horrifying I know. Believe it or not, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine! With more than 5 billion videos being watched on a daily basis, it is undeniable the God Father of all video sharing platforms.


Hubspot research justified all my speculations with accuracy. The study’s results showed that videos are the most demanded form of content on the internet. A whopping 54% of your audience is interested in watching a video about your brand. This percentage is more than blogs and images combined. Also, you can count on them for being the most memorable form of content as well. Words and pictures surely are amazing tools when used right, but nothing can stick on your brain like a quirky ad video with the right music! Let us take a look at the ways you can step up your video marketing game:

Tell a Tale


All the marketers are so focused on making the sale that they forget the most important thing there is about video marketing – Value. The best way to attract your customer is by providing an emotional reason why they should buy your product or subscribe to your service. Don’t go around trying to push agendas or shoving your sales pitch down their throats.

People, in general, make decisions based on their emotions and justify them with logic. This is why focusing on telling a story is so important for your video marketing campaign. Emotions are what drives online sales. Something that makes your consumer feel and gets his spine-tingling should be what you should aspire for. You can always drive in the huge traffic back to your website by a perfectly placed CTA button at the end of the video. This simple and effective Call-To-Action button can drive more traffic to your website than the jargon links that you might spew around every nook and corner of a substandard video. So there you have it, get cracking and write a script!

Short and Sweet


Here is an ugly truth for ya – Most of the internet users are a very impatient lot. The plethora of options that are available to us has made a very spoiled bunch of consumers. We demand the best and don’t take no for an answer. Is your ad more than 30 seconds long, sorry but if it isn’t really really engaging, you are going to lose more than 70% of the viewers past the 10-second mark. Do you really want your ad to be skipped that fast or scrolled past like the plague? This is why posting the perfect length for your video is a big marketing decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Keep the 10-second rule in mind. I know, trying to tell an engaging story within 10 seconds is hard. But keep the engagement and performance in mind. Your goals should be to create something original and that sticks. Something that is relevant and straight-forward. Recent surveys show that quirky and offbeat ads have a huge potential for turning viral. If your ad can make your audience chuckle even the slightest bit, it is time to celebrate because you have managed to stick to their mind. Such videos will stay on their mind longer than a long deadpan video explaining your plan of action or the ingredients in your brand product.

Don’t make your viewers yawn


The video marketing industry is saturated with puff pieces. These are those irritating ads you so often run across on the internet that just make you cringe. Boring videos like this only appeal to the brand owners themselves – no offense, but everyone likes hearing about themselves. This is why you should be more concerned about what your audience will like rather than you would like. If you are a brand that wants to turn this around and refocus, the first thing on your mind will be on how to create that spark! A large proportion of your audience is people who work 9-5 and come home after a long day’s word to kick back and chill. So they turn to YouTube to watch their favorite channels. While watching their videos, your ad is going to run somewhere along the line. Making sure that you have an entertaining and fun short video makes it very unlikely that they are going to skip it.

Take a risk, you surely will learn something from it.



It is crazy how YouTube is the second most widely used search engine and still, a huge number of people don’t optimize their video descriptions. Your video description is the holy grain for video search engine optimization. This is how the Google crawler gets an idea of what your video is all about. Proper descriptions make sure that your video goes on to reach the most relevant of an audience as possible. Remember that a relevant audience means relevant traffic. Expect better conversion rates this way. A good example is the youtuber Phillip DeFranco. All his videos have detailed and expository descriptions. All the links for clips within are referenced and also a bunch of bonus content thrown in here and there. This is why you should take inspiration from this and go ahead to create trustworthy content that gets ranked higher on YouTube.

Now what?


You should have a better idea of how good video marketing can boost your brand. A good digital marketing team with the right resources can always be a huge help to your business. Adhuntt is one such team that specializes in creating focused content that delivers with high performance. YouTube also have updated a bunch of new tools for better content creation. Click here to learn about them! Keep subscribed to our blog to learn of new ways to kick-start your brand. Good luck!


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