Mobile Optimization – Top Tricks to get you started

Mobile Optimization – Top Tricks to get you started

The internet is going mobile. People are rapidly shifting from using desktops to smartphones and tablets. Probably an unheard word 7 years ago – mobile optimization,  is now such a necessity that it may be the final decider between the making or breaking of your brand. The number of people who live their online experiences through mobile engagements is at an all-time high. Exorbitant amounts of internet traffic are now generated from the palms of your hand – believe it or not-

57% of the entire internet traffic comes from mobile networks.

Are you willing to sacrifice 57% of your potential audiences just because of an unoptimized website? I wouldn’t either. You must have heard from designers and developers alike that complete optimization is a time consuming and hard work. At first glance, it can be so, and yes I am not telling you things will get easier. But a guideline to how to get started and lines along to work can be quite helpful. Let us look at them right now.

Image and Video Optimization


A website that looks elegant and perfectly fine on the desktop can look like a horrendous jumbled mess when it goes mobile. One of the major key driving points of high-grade mobile optimization is the inclusion of properly resized videos and pictures. Here are some of the things that can go wrong:

Pictures might load full-size on the mobile

Videos might not play at all

Some content can be too large to even be displayed on slow mobile networks

Such problems can be solved just by the usage of customized content. This can be one of the most time consuming and boring jobs if not done rightly. But if you are a smart worker, make sure that all the graphics and video content that is being developed, should be made in different dimensions for separate devices – side by side. This eliminates the need to go back and painstakingly edit every single thing back from scratch. Smart work always trumps hard work.





Responsive websites are fully functional on any platform they are run upon. Of course, the quality of your content is the driving force for marketing. But as beings driven by impulses, we tend to first be attracted by what is presented in the best way. This is why concentrating on the alignment of all the content on your mobile page is important. Due to the change in screen size, the objects on your page will switch places and move abruptly to fit perfectly. I have seen certain websites whose font size make me squint and zoom just to read the words. Come on people you can do better! Before you promote your website, please go through your own website with an open mind and find out its flaws.

No more Pop-Ups


Let’s be honest here, pop-ups are annoying. Something that gets on my nerves very frequently. Yeah, there are some well-designed pop-ups that actually are worth it. But those are just in a drop in the ocean of horrible irritating messages that get in the way of my reading. On a desktop, they can be mildly irritating but that is magnified tenfold on a smaller screen. A single pop-up that flood the entire mobile screen is a sign for me to never visit that website again. Don’t ruin your entire user experience just for the sake of a few more clicks. There are much better ways to promote your content.

Speed Optimization


Speed! We all crave a website that runs lightning fast. Mobile network connections are generally slower than the desktop counterparts. For this reason, even a millisecond of delay on your desktop website can translate to a couple of seconds on your mobile. And as the most impatient generation to walk on earth, every second of delay can mean the loss of hundreds of possible conversions. This is why mobile optimization is so important. This the crux of this entire blog – Being able to stay dynamic and elegant without losing out on performance. Start with optimizing the images and go on to minimize redundancy in the scripts. Videos can slow down the website a considerable amount – opt for streaming directly from video search engines like YouTube for better flow.



The above point is just the tip of the iceberg. Digital marketing experts like Adhuntt specialize in deep-rooted methods that can get you a killer website without draining your patience. Keep in mind that it is better always to keep mobile optimization at the front of your design gameplan all throughout the creation process. This is a better idea than not giving it any thought and finally haphazardly cutting features before the final cut just so you can make a pass on the Google optimization analysis.


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