Traffic Segmentation – Why you need to do this immediately


Traffic Segmentation – Why you need to do this immediately

It doesn’t matter the kind of business you run. You might be the biggest B2B retailer in your city or a small garage brand trying to make it big – you both have a common denomination. You have a varied audience looking for unique solutions. How small or big the scale might be, traffic segmentation can help realize the potential of your brand by personalizing their shopping experience.


Funneling all your customers through the same channel is really not a good idea. Your audience all different – you have the good ones, the bad ones, the quirky, the curious, Mr. Researcher and the omnipresent window shopper. Creating one-size fits all path for such a varied and diverse crowd wouldn’t the wisest marketing decision you can make.

Why Traffic Segmentation?


Here is a simple fact you should consider:

Traffic segmentation can generate up to 89% sales uplift and increase average order values up over 58%.

Case Study


During my research for traffic segmentation, I came across the results of Convince and Convert – a market counseling brand. Their results on the brand MusicLawContracts have opened my eyes to the wonders just this simple strategy can do. Have a look for yourself.

In 2015, my team added traffic segmentation to, an e-commerce site that provides music contract templates. We added a form on the homepage that required visitors to answer, “Im a _, looking to _.” (e.g. “I’m a record label looking to sign an artist.”) When they hit “Find my contract,” they were redirected to a personalized landing page recommending the most relevant product based on their responses.

The results from this simple segmentation form were staggering.

Instead of taking an average of 20 minutes to buy a product on this site, it took under six minutes. The site’s conversion rate increased from 1.31 percent to 2.47 percent (an 89 percent increase in sales), and people were spending $110.50 on average instead of $70.89.

In other words, segmentation improved the site’s conversion rate, average order value, and the time it took for someone to find and purchase a product. How? By making it easier and faster to get different visitors to the right product for them. “

How do I start Segmenting?


There are many ways to get started, the most famous and exciting one being user based segmentation. We will see in detail about the best 4 ways to start segmenting in a later post. Right now it is very important for your brand to know the who what where and hows of this game. Getting to know the ins and outs before stepping in quite important. Harnesses correctly segmentation is an extremely0 powerful way to improve your marketing.  Here are the best ways to get started:

Segmentation should be on the landing page.

Personalized recommendation based on user preference.

Modify the content and design to appeal to the segmented audience.

Customized emails that are relevant to the audience interests.



Now that you know the basics of segmentation, we come to the hard part. The actual work takes time and probably will have the design team on their knees. Keep trying out different approaches and find out what appeals to your target customers. You don’t want to try selling couture fashion to a hippie. An in-depth blog on how we can actually implement this will be updated soon. Till then, keep learning and pushing your boundaries.



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