Pinterest Search Ads – A new era of marketing on Pinterest


Pinterest Search Ads – A new era of marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest has evolved from its niche designer-friendly community into a more public and widely accessible social media platform. With more than 150 million regular users, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing platforms in the business. A 4000% increase in users in the past 6 months is no joke. It is a force to be reckoned with and not just another run of the mill app.  One of the most unique features is how seamless the gap is between leads and sales. Conversions are a comfortable transaction on this website. If you have a brand that is just starting out,  with the help of Pinterest marketing and the wise usage of Pinterest search Ads you can get higher conversion rates in the shortest time.


What is Pinterest Search Ads?

The latest updates have opened up very interesting avenues for Pinterest marketing indeed. Pinterest Search Ads provides advertisers with new ways to connect with people searching for products and services. For all these years, the only way that we could market on Pinterest is through promoted pins. And the thing about promoted pins is how they could appear alongside relevant searches. The accessories section is where all these promotions are jumbled up it. In short, marketers didn’t have a lot of creative freedom to run unique ads to capture this amazing audience.

Pinterest Search Ads brings all the good parts of traditional PPC campaigns right to your playing field. Now you have the entire marketing arsenal right where you need them – on the search results page. Inspired by Google’s popular Ad technologies, now you have the same freedom for managing ads, choosing budgets and targeting the right customers.

The familiar rules of the game apply to Pinterest as well now. You can bid for bragging rights over exclusive keywords and the normal ground rules of Cost-Per-Click(CPC) marketing will apply. Now with the inclusion of Pinterest search Ads, you have the advantage fo objective based pricing too. This means you can pay for exactly what you need:




Changing Marketing Strategies

In all the years of Pinterest’s existence, it is primarily famous for being a place to discover new and unique ideas. A fine place to start for designers craving inspiration or customers looking for quirky brands. This is why we have witnessed so many start-ups and small businesses boom on Pinterest. A place mainly used for brand awareness and not for sales. But now things are changing.

With more than 2 billion searches being made per month, it would not be ideal from a business perspective to let go of the chance to commercialize this vast audience. But now, with the usage of Pinterest search ads, you have a better-streamlined way of buying and converting products online. A visible shift is the marketing paradigm has been registered.

How is Pinterest different from Facebook or Twitter?


Facebook and Twitter have one thing in common. They both are very loud and noisy markets which are usually monopolized over by the leaders of the industry. Garage brands that are just starting up have a hard time finding the investment and tools required to compete with such huge industries whose daily marketing spending are more than the small brand’s total net worth. Instead of trying to level up with them on a budget level, unique and creative techniques to set your brand apart is what the public appreciates.

This is where Pinterest comes in. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is a more refined one. Filled with images and visual content that inspires and sparks the creatives is where they lead. 97% of Pinterest’s top searches are non-branded content. Make sure that it is your small business or start-up that shows up here!

What now?


Right now Pinterest Search Ads are only available to a small group of partners. But soon we can count on a lot more players and partners on the fields. Pinterest is gearing up to become a self-service advertising platform just like Google and we can’t wait! Keep updated with the latest trends and secrets in the marketing industry with Adhuntt.





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