Best ways to get around SEO Penalties


Best ways to get around SEO Penalties

The SEO race is a really hectic one. Every website is fighting to be the king of the hill. The hill here is – Google’s search engine results page(SERP). All this fuss to get to the top tempts many brands to go all in. They put all their strategies out in the open and use many techniques aka shortcuts without learning about the long-term consequences. Often such rushed decisions lead to very bad outcomes. It is time we took a step back and learned from our mistakes. Being peer pressured into the digital market and using unethical methods is going to get you only one thing – SEO penalties. Google punishes such websites by ranking them lower for not playing by its rules.

Of course, you must have heard of all those short-term SEO winners that some “ethical hacker” promised you. “Oh!”, you say to yourself, ” He did mention trying our keyword stuffing! He told me that’s going to put up my brand on the #1 position of Google, so I went along with it.” Yes, it did work and for a couple of days your brand actually shot up in traffic and you got good conversions. But then one the sentient Google crawler visited the page and found out all the dirty tricks under the sheets, it just did one simple thing – handed you a penalty. Now you are far off that how you actually started with. Just removing the stuffed keywords isn’t putting you back in your original place. You have to change your entire marketing strategy and revamp the entire site to get back to where you started. Is this all worth it? You tell me! So let us look at some of the ways you can avoid getting those nasty SEO Penalties and hike up your brand game.

Plagiarising – Stop Putting Out Duplicate Content

Now repeat after me – Duplicate Content is the biggest enemy for your blog! Yes, writing can be a draining process. Thinking of enticing ways to capture the attention of your audience every single day can tough, but remember this – the satisfaction that you get after writing a piece you are proud of is unparallel.

The Google crawler searches and indexes through billions of words and pages all over the cyberspace. Checking for plagiarism is one of its primary functions and it does this fantastically. Having all that data indexed means, the crawler can cross-check everything against everything else. If you have put out a half-assed article about SEO just by rearranging the paragraphs of some other website’s blog – you are going to bet an SEO penalty. No doubt about that.

Original content is where the action is at. Be passionate about what you do and let that resonate through your writing. In case a particular article has been very well made and inspired you to write about it too – make sure that you state the source and revise the content in your own words to avoid getting a penalty.

Have you made a mistake earlier and some of your earlier content is all duplicate? If you are not in the mood to delete them all, you can use the -no index tag so that the crawler does not penalize your entire site for a few cheap articles.

Bounce Rate – Let’s drop it low low low

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you should have checkout out my article on bounce rate in detail. 

Bounce rate is nothing but the percentage of visitors on your website that navigates away after viewing just one page.  They must really not be interested in what you have to offer to just close it all and move away without bothering to even click.

This is one of the biggest red flags you must notice. If the bounce rate is below 60% you know for a fact that your landing page game sucks big time. Google optimizes the pages on the search engine results page based on such factors – bounce rate and page loading time being one of them. So if your website is not one that appeals to the users of Google, why would they bother keeping you up in the top 10 results? Now you know how important it is to remodel your website for an enhanced user experience.

The best bounce rate that you can have is something below 2%. If you are one of those lucky guys( kind of like us at Adhuntt ), you know how important engaging content is for this factor. A bounce rate that low means that almost 98 out of 100 people do click around and try to figure out your brand. This is what you should aim for as a brand.  You can reach this coveted place too – here are a few tips:

Easy Navigation

Make sure that all the tabs and drop down boxes are visible and placed comforting positions. The last thing you want to be is an eyesore for your viewer.

Be Consistent

Don’t be that guy. You know who I am talking about. That guy who hits the gym two times a day for a week and then binges on McDonalds and Netflix for the next couple of months. In the same lines, keep your page consistent with its quality of production. Don’t slack around. If you find a piece unappealing and very mediocre, don’t just put it out there. Work on it for a longer time and put it in a better and more polished way. Remember, whatever the marketing tactics you are going to be doing – at the end of the day, its all about the quality.

Links and Tag Clouds

You must have seen tag clouds in some blogs. Its those bunch of words that are arranged in such a way that the most searched ones have a bigger font. These clouds can drive a lot of traffic throughout your page. In the same way be sure to link other pages throughout and keep a record of the statistics you are quoting.

Be a boomerang – Repeat Visitors

Surely you must have visited a page whose content was so fantastic that you checked them, again and again, every day. Doing this if you are an e-commerce website is quite hard, but if you are the person who does your marketing through social media or VLOGS on YouTube – you know what I am talking about. Certain Vloggers have a charm to them that attracts viewers. Once an influencer is quite famous – trust me this is the hardest part, he or she can start selling merchandise and sponsor other content on their pages. This is the best way you can generate revenue.

Now you might think, why I keep talking about these VLoggers when you are a brand and all you need is a website that everyone checks regularly. Well here’s my point- take inspiration from these people. You will notice that they all follow certain key principles.

They showcase what is new and trending.

They flaunt what is their most popular and most watched content.

They are consistent and come up with regular original content.

Take these guidelines to heart. As a brand leader, make sure your website has a panel showing off the best selling products and the newest arrivals. Checkout on new social media trends and update a limited time product with that idea being embodied.

A well updated and fun website to browse through is going to get a higher Google ranking automatically. You do not have to worry about SEO penalties after that. Okay, now that you have an idea of the ways Google imposes these penalties and how you can work your way around them, it is your turn – let us know your thought in the comments and Adhuntt will try our best to help you! Until next time, Ciao!




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