Rank YouTube Videos – Tips and Tricks


Rank YouTube Videos – Tips and Tricks

Isn’t it time to step up your video marketing campaign? The best way to reach a new flavor of the audience for your brand can be through video promos and ads. Rank YouTube videos and gain unlimited reach by harnessing the potential of the world’s second largest search engine. YouTube is bigger than Gmail and just behind Facebook. With more than 4 billion videos watched every day, it is a force to be reckoned with. 1.8 active users mean 1.8 million customers waiting to be targeted. In a competitive climate as of today, you are expected to exploit every platform available. But ill-informed marketing practices can cost your brand. This is why we need an understanding of on the metrics of YouTube ranking and how to gain those views. Let us take a look at the factors influencing your video SEO

Factors affecting Video SEO

Among many reasons why your video might be shot up into viral fame – the actual content being the first, I have hand-picked the other most important ones.

Keywords in meta tags – The words that you use in the title, description, and tags of your video are crucial. Always go for the best performing and relevant keywords. Long-tail keywords can help in reeling in a specific customer base too.

High-quality HQ videos – YouTube prefers channels that upload their videos in the highest quality. Make sure that the videos that are being published are made available in their highest resolution.

Close-captioning – These are basically the subtitles that play below your video. The Google crawler goes through these goodies too. Make sure to pop in a few keywords here and there to get a boost in SEO.

User Engagement – What makes a video viral? The number of views and shares it has obviously. Linking your social media pages can guarantee unforeseen amounts of new audience and engagement. Of course, make sure the content is actually some that matters.

How To Rank YouTube Videos Higher?

Keyword Ideas

Unique keywords can help find the relevant audience like I said earlier. Now how do you find out the best functioning keywords and the ones that might go to waste? If you are an avid user of YouTube, you must have come across the auto-complete message. Here is a step by step guide to starting finding out:

Let’s say you are making a video on how to make lemonade.

Just type lemonade in your search box.

Wait and you will find that all the relevant keywords and other similar searches pop down on the drop-down box.

You might find words like ‘lemonade recipe’, ‘lemonade cleanse’ etc and now you have an idea of what your viewers search for.

Integrate these keywords in your video titles, descriptions and tags.


You would be doing a huge favor for your brand by making an effort to name the video titles. The titles are the most deciding factor for your video at first glance. The thumbnail and the title are what your viewer sees first. Make sure that the file name you use is optimized.


Make sure that the title uses the primary keywords of your content. Suppose you made a video on Shampoos for Indian Hair, the keywords you can consider for your title care

Best Shampoo

Indian Hair

Hair Goals

Long hair tips

Just by managing to put some of these keywords into your title for something like ‘Best Shampoos for Long Indian Hair’.


The first 160 characters of your description are what counts. The description gives the google crawler an idea of your content. The usage of good descriptions can help you rank youtube videos higher on the search engine results page. If we take our earlier Shampoo video example, a good description for the video can be:

‘In this video, we see the secret for long strong hair by using the best shampoos suited for Indian Hair’


Let YouTube know what your video is all about. Do your research on similar tags as well. A person who is buying a shirt might be interested in getting jeans that go along with it. Keep the consumer psychology always in mind. This can give you a better understanding of how to market to your audience. For the shampoo ad, the proper usage of tags like conditioner and hair products can bring in relevant users a lot.


Did you know that 73% of customers are likely to make a purchase after watching a video? Attractive CTA buttons in the video and links in the descriptions can be guiding shortcuts for your viewer to become a customer! Just by one click, you get to transfer the traffic onto your website.

Here is an important tip you need to know. Do not abuse the annotations. YouTube has a feature for annotations that can lead to loads of traffic. But overusing the feature can lead to a disruptive viewing experience. This is why the CTA should be placed either at the start or the end of the video. For exponentially increasing your views without sacrificing on your website traffic – this is the best way.


Great videos are sure to get loads of views. The important thing is to learn how to convert those to purchases. You must have got a better idea of how to rank YouTube videos higher by reading the above blog. A little bit of optimization and loads of creativity is the secret to success. Never forge to work on these




High-Quality Videos

Description links and CTA

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