Turn your blog into a brand


Turn your blog into a brand

Do you ever feel like you never fit into the crowd? Got a feeling of being destined for things bigger than the circle you are trapped in? Is your lifestyle something that appeals to other people? It doesn’t have to be a huge crowd, even a dozen people who love your way and life and the things you have to say along the way are enough to get started. Started for what you might ask. But I’m just a person who likes saying my thoughts out loud – may it be paper, on a blog or on a stage – the world is in dire need for people like you. It’s time you set out there and make that voice heard. Be a brand.

Yeah, you heard me right, a brand. Social media has allowed a lot of artists to emerge from the dark depths of the world. We all have lived entirely different lives. Our experiences have changed us and molded our being. Every ray of life that passes through us is refracted out into a spectrum of colors which is unique. A perspective that matters, that’s all that counts. Establishing a brand creates a channel for you to put it all out there in a streamlined manner. All your raw content has finally the stage it deserves. Let us have a look at how to make it all happen right now!

Have Direction

Know what you are about. Self-awareness is the key to the best of brands. There are things that you really suck at, but then there are some things that you are exceptionally good at too. Be refreshingly authentic about your entire personality. Let this show through your brand. Show the crowd how good you at your niche, and tell them your flaws too. This is humanizing and creates a sense of emotional bonding with your audience. In a market filled with fake and pretend-perfect wannabes, its time you show how you are different from them.

Would you rather put your trust in a faceless corporation, or invest in a brand that you feel a connection with. The same goes for your audience. Look yourself in the mirror, take a deep breathe and start working on your gameplan.

Keep Learning

What happened to that cog that didn’t get enough lubrication? Probably rusted off and killed the entire engine. Your brain is one of the most complicated entities to ever exist on the face of know universe. Why dull it with subpar pop music and senseless reality TV. Just like you hit the gym(if you don’t you totally should start), you need to start to work on your mind too. Books! Podcasts! Documentaries! YouTube Videos! There are so many ways you can start to build upon yourself. Keep pushing your boundaries and let your growth be shown.

Respond to your comments and learn from your audience too. Remember that you have the best job in the world. You get to learn from your audience too. Know about what is going on in the industry and the latest trends out there. This will keep your edge serrated and sharp.

Appeal to Emotions

This point is in close connection with having self-awareness. Once you have chosen not put out yourself to be this perfect character, you can start to appeal to people’s emotions. This sense of pride in ones raw unapologetic nature is very appealing to the audience. This is why we have seen a huge rise in serial entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk all over the internet. No one said that building a brand was easy. Neither is staying true to yourself is such times.

Being able to connect to your audience on an emotional level is what you should aim for. Through deep analysis of your customer’s needs and by building bonds slowly over time you will have a loyal follower with sticks to you no matter what. A lot of stand up comedians and stage speakers are really making there mark as they appeal to millennials a lot these days. All those people stuck on their 9-5 jobs and droning through meaninglessly through their lives need someone to look up to. Someone who stands up against the system and pushes them to be their own person. Go on and get that started, be that person – let your personality speak for your brand!

Final Words

You must have heard this a million times, but just sitting in a corner and reading blogs all day isn’t going to help you until you put it all to work. Yes, it will be uncomfortable. But that’s why you need this so bad if you wanted a normal job, a normal life and a normal existence, you just jump on the bandwagon and be one of the rat race – no judgments. But if you want to be a leader, a creator, a person who inspires others, go ahead and move out of your comfort zone and start hustling. Don’t know where to start? Having doubts and the acutal implications to committing to this lifestyle? Anything at all, just drop down your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll reach back to you as soon as possible. Keep learning. Until next time, Ciao!



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