Gmails Hacks to Boost your Productivity


Gmails Hacks to Boost your Productivity

It is quite impossible to even consider the fact of working in an alternative timeline without E-mails. Right from all those back and forth banter exchange to those important documents that you have to send before the deadlines – it’s the metaphorical glue that holds all your departments together. And I haven’t even started on E-mail marketing campaigns that your brand might have ventured into. Now that we have established the indisposable nature of emails for your brand, it is a priority to figure out the best ways to use it.

Of all the email services that you can choose from, Gmail stands tall and towering with over a billion satisfied users under its hood. 1.4 billion is not a small number…1.4 billion. I wonder how humongous their server farms must be. Phew!

With such great power comes great responsibility. This is why you need to be an expert all the nooks and crannies in Gmail. Having an in-depth knowledge of this email service is another giant step forward to achieving your brand goals. With no further ado, let us just jump in and have a look of some secret hacks that you need to know to kill your Gmail game.

Canned Responses

Thought templates were just for word documents? No way, and you don’t need a fancy email client to get it done either. Just two clicks and you can create your very own templates to use whenever needed. To get the ball rolling you need to turn on canned responses.

  1. Click on the Settings button on the top right corner. The one that looks like a gear.



2. Select the Settings option from the drop-down.



3. Inside the new panel, go ahead and switch to the Advanced tab.


4. Enable the Canned Responses by clicking on the radio button.

5.  Compose a new mail, click on the tiny three dots on the bottom right corner to bring up a pop-up. Select Canned responses from the list.

6. Write up a template and save it. There you have it, your very first Gmail template.



Unsend Mails

Yes, you read that right. We have all had moments where we regret sending and mail and slam our heads into the desk. Of course, you could have worded that letter better. This happens to me all the time too. Because of this I have turned on the un-send mails option and set the limit to the highest possible 30 seconds.


This allows me to go ahead and un-send the mail within those 30 seconds. It can be a lifesaver!

Star your Mails

You probably know about the yellow star that you can use to categorize your emails. But do a little bit of digging in the settings panel as usual, and you’ll find not one, but half a dozen colors to choose from. Now you can literally let your OCD run rampant as you stack your emails into those little boxes that deem to fit their purposes.


Final Words

I know, it might feel like not much. But just through these 3 hacks, you can totally change how you send and manage your emails. A well-categorized mailbox is like a clean office desk. It brings clarity to your mind and your serves as a perfect place to begin the day. You might feel tempted to go ahead and play with all the other tools under the advanced settings of Gmail. But always do check online of the consequences of turning a feature on or off. We don’t want you to click the wrong button and lose all your data. So tread cautiously but do tread. If you have any other hacks you would like to share or doubts do drop down them below in the comments. I’d love to hear from you. Until next time its bye from Adhuntt.

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