3 Websites to kill your Designer Fatigue


3 Websites to kill your Designer Fatigue

Designing, how much ever you love, can get grueling after the 15th edit that your client suggests. “Why doesn’t he like THIS? It’s perfectly alright!”, I hear your mind rambling on and on because obviously, you know what looks good and what doesn’t. But finding that fine line where you satisfy both your client’s wishes and your own conscience is pretty darn hard. Frustrating as it sounds, there are a few ways how you can calm down the torrential waters in your brain and get those creative juices flowing again. We all need some therapeutic inspiration from time to time and this blog is going to help you out in getting you on the right track for better overall performance.



Yeah, you have probably heard about this but designers with integrity rather shoot their brains out with a revolver than create another half-assed stolen post from Pinterest. What I am suggesting here is not to blatantly rip off another artist’s creation. But when you are working in a stressed environment where you are expected to churn out images at will, you can lose sight of your style and workflow. Just browsing through a few of them from time to time can help align your creative compass a little better.

Take note of the color schemes and tones used by these reputed artists. Their methods and approach to simplify the toughest of projects into easily understandable graphics truly is art. Get inspired by them and use that as a guideline to make something that satisfies both ends without compromising on your style.



Creating your own vectors can be fun and rewarding! I advise all designers to start working on their own from scratch. But we all know how it can get at times. In rough waters, you can always use free vectors off of to spice up your creation. A little bit of altering here and there and voila, you’ve got the perfect post for Instagram.

The vectors provided here are completely free and you and even get the illustrator file. This means you can pick and choose the elements that would suit your post better. Feel free to combine the best of the stuff to make something entirely different. It’s all up to you!



Unsplash is the best place to find free high-quality images in my opinion. All the pictures are in true HD taken by really talented photographers. Searching for the perfect picture for your banner backdrop? Look no further. The tab on top categorizes all those pictures into sections that make sense. From thousands of high-resolution textures to choose from and millions of artsy pictures that can really set the vibe for your website, Unsplash has got everything you want.

These gifted photographers sure would appreciate if you go out and check their other work too. Go ahead and click the little info button to learn more about the picture in detail. All the settings from the ISO, focal length and shutter speed can give you an insight into how the picture was clicked.

Final Words

Of course, there are so many other websites that offer such services that make things a little bit easier for the designers. Know of another one you think deserves a spot on this list? Do drop down their link so I can check it out. Plagarism is not something I support. I would choose a piece of art made from scratch over one that was ripped out from another creators gallery. Use these tools as a source of inspiration and use them responsibly. Until next time.

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