How to Index your Site faster


How to Index your Site faster

Getting to the top page on the Google search engine results page is not an easy affair. This can take months of careful planning, dedicated SEO services and relevant + consistent blogging. Not just that, you have to go ahead make sure that all of your sites are getting indexed by the Google crawler in the fastest rate so that you get the best results -FAST.

How should I get this done?

Getting your site indexed fast is not just a simple step! There are a lot of variables that come into play in this game.  The basic idea is to be the best website not only for your user but also for the Google crawler. You want an efficient index rate for your website – this should be something of a priority is you are a brand that publishes a lot of content. At times you can be so caught up just creating original content that you forget that there is a Google Crawler that actually works overtime behind the scenes trying to get a grasp of what exactly is going on here.

The Search Console

Go ahead and set up your website with the Search Console if you have not. After that, you just go ahead and pop it open. Check out the Crawl status of your website and you will be met with a graph that explains exactly where you stand in this. The pages crawled per day will let you know how efficiently your website is being crawled through. There is a thumb rule for getting the best out of this.

The idea is to have a website that loads the fastest. Updating the content on your website means that there will be more crawling. Now the number one priority for you should be to optimize every single one of your pages for the fastest loading speed. This equates to a fasted crawling speed and that definitely means better Google search results.

Use your tools

There are tons of tools that Google analytics provide for the best user experience. Never forget that you can always use them to analyze and make the best out of your brand website.


Debugging Tools
Tag Assistant
GA Debugger
Analytics Pros dataLayer Inspector
Tag Manager Injector
Screaming Frog

Reporting Tools
Google Analytics URL Builder
Google Analytics Table Booster
PII Viewer
Supermetrics Add-on
Google Analytics Add-on
Real-Time Reporting
Da Vinci Tools

With all these tools at your disposal, all you need is an expert who can make the best out of it for you. This is where Adhuntt comes in.

Final Words

You have learned the best way to make Google index and crawl your site fast. This means that you have an advantage. Don’t lose the headstart trying to figure out what to do next. An Adhuntt specialist is just a message away. Give us a ping and we will analyze your site head to toe and tell you where you are lacking. Don’t worry this is free of charge. If you are interested in pushing your limits and taking things to the next level, our specialist are here to serve you! Until next time.

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