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Image Seo


Image Seo

Images sure do change how a blog can look and feel. If you thought that keyword analysis and hitting the right words on the blog was the only way to score good SEO, I would have to let you know that there a plenty of other ways to get it done too. Images and bright graphics are the best way spice up a boring old blog. Not only does it give an entirely new ambiance to your page, but there are many ways that you can actually boost your SEO too.

Make it a thumb rule that you always add images to whatever blog you write. By this I mean don’t just dump an array of unrelated images just for the sake of it. Go ahead and give it some thought. Relevant images that make sense can always help users identify more with your blog. Infographics are a must. We all know how fast we pick up visual cues. Just a glace at a chart or graph can give us more information about an idea that a 5 minute read through a blog.

Where do I start?


You can always depend on stock image providers for a plethora of vectors and graphics that can be used anywhere. But in the long run, you are going to realize that those are just the shortcuts. And just like every other shortcut, there is that chance of how things might not actually work out the way you want it to. This means that it is better to have an in-house graphic designer who is able to design customized images and infographics that can pep up your pages. You can make your own infographics and even watermark them so you get backlinks if used again. A cool tip is to put up all those infographics on Pinterest so that you get a proper following.

Alt tags and Filenames


Alt tags are your key to good SEO. I have written a blog especially about Image optimization where I go into the details about this entire conundrum. But to be put simply alt tag is the alternative text that shows up in case the source image is corrupted. This text is used to describe briefly what the image is about. The Google crawler indexes these tags to get an understanding of what these images are about. So if your alt tag has the right keywords, it is going to show up on Google Image results as well. The file name, on the other hand, is just the name of the jpg or png file that you are using in your blog.

Final Words

How about we start making the most out of your blog images right now?! Go ahead and give us on Adhuntt a ring. We have the best team that can give your website new life. Right from personalized customizable graphics to banners for your website, we have got it all. Check out our services at Adhuntt and find out your niche. We are here to help your brand grow. Until next time!

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