Latest Tools from Facebook for Festive Ads


Latest Tools from Facebook for Festive Ads

The holiday season is coming and I can already hear Mariah Carrey singing at every street corner. Almost all business’ are working on their Black Friday and Christmas specials. Stock clearances and all-out sales are going to be hitting every brand on the street now. With all this competition and heat picking up, what is your gameplay for the following months? Are you going to launch a brand new Facebook ad campaign with new graphics? Are you going to shoot a sale video that you can promote on almost every channel available? Those do sound like pretty good ideas, don’t they? Now we have to find out the most efficient way to make the most out of it. Let’s learn how.


Facebook allows for overlays on your dynamic ads. These overlays can be used to add new slashed prices and event discounts on the fly. You know those little stickers that are on certain products? I am talking about those Summer sale, Winter discount or Diwali offers that you often see on your Facebook feed. They are often just the usual products that you see but with special frames and catalog information. The latest Facebook update gives you uncontrolled access all over this. And guess what? You get loads of templates too. There are a bunch of tools you can play around and experiment to get exactly you want for this holiday season.


The Video Creation Kit

Usually, big brands go full-on creative mode and spend a huge amount of cash in making the perfect video. These are usually professionally shot videos that involve a cast, crew and a studio. A lot of small garage business’ do not have the investment compete with such big shots. How do you fill the gaps and make ends meet in such a cut-throat marketplace? Enter Facebook’s video creation kit. Using this you can create mobile-first video ads. This kit comes with pre-loaded pictures, animations, and effects that allow you to make beautiful high-quality ads without much time, effort or money.

Relevant Ads

According to Facebook business:

Soon, advertisers will be able to direct shoppers from the collection ad format to the updated instant storefront template, formerly known as the sell product template in Canvas, where they will have the option to automatically organize products from their catalog into more personalized groupings such as “Suggested for you” and “Most viewed” to boost engagement and conversions. Early testers of the new instant storefront template have seen increases in their conversion rate as high as 9%.  Instead of having to upload your own videos into a collection, advertisers using the instant storefront template can now add a video that we’ll automatically generate, personalized with relevant products from your business’ catalog. This makes the video creation process easier for advertisers and will help people see ads that are most relevant to them.

Final Words

Having a team of experts behind you can help you streamline your Facebook advertising process. This is where Adhuntt comes in. Right from SEO to professional graphic design and content creation, we have the resources to take your brand to the next level. Even if your brand is a small business or an MNC, we have the strategy to exactly take you forward one step at a time. If you are interested do contact us at Drop down your thoughts and doubts in the comment section below. Until next time.


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