Visual Trends to Watch out for in 2018

Visual Trends to Watch out for in 2018

Images make up the cornerstone of your website. In fact, it’s not just about your website – but about your entire brand image. You need to understand that there will be visual elements that can tell your story better than a million words. Things change all the time too. Our eyes can get used to certain trends and expect them elsewhere too. This happens on a sub-conscious level, and this is where you need your graphic designer the most. They need to have a keen eye and watch out for the subtlest changes in the evolution of visual trends over time.

Data Visualizations

Raw statistical data is really hard to understand for the layman. All those numbers and decimal point surely do give me a headache. This is my simpletons like myself love data visualization. As a digital marketing company, it is quite important to keep up with the trends. This means knowing the right ways to represent the data. Use numbers with bold fonts and coloring to make them stand out.

YouTube Videos

Youtube is not just a site for Beiber fans anymore. With more than 1.9 billion users and 5+ billion videos circulating the site, you should know that this is quite the goldmine for anyone circulating video content. You can always use video content on your website to spice up the page. It can drive in a lot of traffic from Youtube towards your site and vice-versa. Being the most consumed form of content on the planet, video marketing should also be a very important asset of your brand.


Some concepts are far too complex to be understood in a short time. Long passages usually are going to bore your reader. This is why it is a good idea to break down the concept into easily digestible parts. Use pictures and colorful shapes to showcase your idea in the most understandable way.  According to the Content Marketing Institute:

An infographic that is aesthetically pleasing with relevant data – that happens to be user-friendly – will undoubtedly help increase awareness of your brand. It also offers potential for several platforms beyond your blog. They can be shared on Pinterest and uploaded to SlideShare. If the infographic has multiple components, crop parts of it to create snackable visual content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. You also do not need to write extensive content for blog posts with infographics. Just write a simple paragraph presenting the information, use keywords that rank, and voilà! – your article is ready.

Final Words

You can always go ahead and research the latest trends. Or you could invest in a reliable digital marketing agency who can do that for you. This gives you more time to concentrate on your brand and product more. We at Adhuntt love what we do and keeping up with the times is something that just comes naturally. Is an overhaul of your brand image something you need? If you think so, welcome to the Adhuntt experience. Let’s build your brand into something that stands the test of time and drives substantial profits.

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