Creative Ideas to Revamp your Brand


Creative Ideas to Revamp your Brand

Starting a brand surely is a bold move. To say goodbyes to a sedentary 9 to 5 lifestyle and making something of your own is something I totally respect. You might have had the idea, the plan, and even the balls to keep moving forward. But anyone who has been running a brand for a couple of years knows that things can surely get stuck in a rut. Even brand that’s doing well for itself will find itself to be lost and with no direction. This is when you need to reassess your goals and re-envision yourself. One of the best ways to get that done is by thinking out of the box and getting creative. Revamping your brand from ground up should be what’s running on your mind. Let’s talk about that.

There are many ways that you can become relevant again. Start thinking in terms of what the audience is recently interested in. There are trends and fads that fade away. But once in a while, you will come across a piece of tech that you know might stick and will be there for the long haul. We are here to talk about all that. All that artificial intelligence augmented reality, social media live streams type of revolutionary technology.

Get Started with Augmented Reality


Clickz had this to say about AR:

Formerly the “awkward cousin” to the much more flashy VR, augmented reality (AR) has come into its own over the past year, giving brands a number of opportunities to experiment with incorporating it into their marketing.

Augmented reality seems to be the next big trend in social media, first pioneered by Snapchat with its fun and interactive Lenses, then adopted by Facebook and Instagram with Facebook’s Camera Effects platform and Instagram’s face filters. Meanwhile, a new breed of AR apps is making its way onto mobile, opening up avenues for brands to create augmented reality experiences inside a user’s smartphone and be present in their surroundings in a whole new way.

Learn to create 360° Content


When was the last time you saw a 360 video on your Facebook feed? Not too long ago I am guessing. But when was the last time you saw this tech being used to market a product. This is a very effective niche to promote yourself. Making a 360 video for your brand is not as hard as it used to be a few years ago. Even smartphones now come with inbuilt software that allows you to take such content. Use it and put your very own spin to it. It is such unsaturated market that you should take advantage off before everyone starts flooding in.

Make a Game

Remember when M&Ms the world-renowned candy brand created an eye-spy game for Facebook? Yeah, this is yet another prime example of a good brand strategy. If you have the resources to make a creative game out of your brand, go ahead! Just remember that this should be something that works. Don’t make a game just to jump on the bandwagon. Create one because you have got a solid plan and know that the game will be something that tons of people will enjoy to play. Forget about your brand for a moment and concentrate on making a good game. Once you have that under your hood, everything will sort itself on its own.

Create a gateway that helps the players connect the game experience to something that they will enjoy if they use your product in real life. This is how you blur the edges and make your brand game work!


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