Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce

Do you run a brand that sells products online? Looking for a way to boost your e-commerce site to new heights? If you run a website that is powered by WordPress, we have got the perfect plugin for you. Facebook for WooCommerce is the latest plugin offered by the brains behind WooCommerce. Be ready to benefit from this untapped customer base. Let’s Go!

Today we will learn how to integrate your WooCommerce site with your Facebook page. This seamless transition will be done with the help of a really cool plugin. Facebook for WooCommerce is the one I and talking about. Marketing on Facebook helps your business build lasting relationships with people, find new customers and increase sales for your online store. With this Facebook ad extension, we make it easy to reach the people who matter to your business and track the results of your advertising across devices. Here is how you get started:

Create a Facebook Page

Log in to the Facebook, go to the top right, and click the “Create Page” option. You will see several options including Brand or Product, Local Business or Place, Entertainment, etc. You can select the best choice for your brand. “Brand or Product”. Choose a category and a name. If your brand in the clothing line of business chooses the “Clothing” category. Next, name the page as “My Shop”, and click the “Get Started” button.  Next, follow the steps and click the “Save Changes” button. The Facebook page is ready for action.

Setting Up Facebook Pixel

When someone visits your website and takes an action (for example, buying something), the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you’ll know when a customer took an action after seeing your Facebook ad. You’ll also be able to reach this customer again by using a Custom Audience. When more and more conversions happen on your website, Facebook gets better at delivering your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions. This is called conversion optimization.

Installing the Facebook pixel allows you to access the features below:

  • Conversion tracking: See how successful your ad is by seeing what happened as a direct result of your ad (including conversions and sales)
  • Optimization: Show your ads to people most likely to take a specific action after clicking on them, like adding an item to their cart or making a purchase
  • Remarketing: When people visit your website, reach them again and remind them of your business with a Facebook ad

Set-Up Shop

Now that you have laid all the groundwork, it is time for you to set-up the integration.

Install Facebook for WooCommerce
Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard
Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Integrations
Choose Facebook for WooCommerce

Get Started

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