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Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are quite the expert in website conversions, you better hurry and scroll down to the juicy parts where we talk about how CRO can boost your site. The rest of us who love taking things slow, jump in and let’s learn everything from square one.

What in Zeus’ beard is a darning CONVERSION?

Every visit to your website is aimed at a single target:

To buy or subscribe to your product/service.

That sweet sound of the coins clinking into your brand wallet when a sale is completed is a conversion. It doesn’t specifically have to be a standard sale though. You could be running a subscription service or an awareness campaign. It can be an email sign-up, the creation of an account, the completion of a survey or even an app download. Every single person who visits your website is not going to convert. There is no point in all that ad money and burning the midnight oil with Search Engine Optimization if an unexpectantly low percentage of the visits actually end up in a ‘click’.  This is where Conversion Rate Optimization rears its worthy head.

According to 59% of company respondents, CRO is crucial to their overall digital marketing strategy – and 98% overall believe CRO’s impact on their digital marketing carries some kind of importance.

Having stressed the importance of how a little optimization can go a long way for your business, let’s learn on how we can get the fire burning!

Four of the most effective ways of Conversion Rate Optimization:

A/B Testing

Customer Journey Analysis

Structured Approach

Copy Optimization

Let’s jump right into it now

A/B Testing

This age-old method of CRO is still the best in the business. And there is a very good reason for that too. Okay before we ramble on into that, what exactly is A/B Testing:

The basic formula for an A/B test consists of making two separate Landing pages and evaluating their performance side by side. Create both of them with different kinds of elements. Make sure you experiment with the CTA button (Call-To-Action) – this will including playing around with fonts and sizes, layouts and positioning of various elements on the page. Once you have that all set-up, you can jump onto the next step. This includes running a few ads to drive in a large audience base in a sandbox experimental basis so that you have the best possible data to the checkout and make decisions.

Customer Journey Analysis

This is the big one guys. Understanding your audience. Customer behavior has evolved in such a drastic manner over the years. From the days of yore, where an ad was run and then this meant a substantial conversion, to today where so many other factors come into play. The distrust in corporations(I don’t blame them) has led to even the most simpleton to run a google search and read other customer reviews before actually buying a product. This paradigm shift means your brand should have a healthy online presence. You can read a whole lot of that on my other blogs.

Collecting all possible data means you can start sensing a pattern in the seemingly erratic customer behavior. Once you do find where you are missing out, it’s just a simple game of filling in the blanks to boost your brand to the next level. Be sure to incorporate offline methods of data gathering like call-centers and high street stores to get the big picture.

Structured Approach

Taking a structured approach to your marketing campaign begins with the very inception of your brand. Before your start, our and giving commands to your design department have a planned out well-formed idea of exactly what you would like your website to be. Do you want it to exude professionalism and let your users know you mean business OR do you want to showcase your creative nutcase side with all its vibrant glow – whatever it is, have an idea of your end goal!

Split up your landing pages and make sure your experiment with A/B tests. Make modules of every iteration and check which one suits your brand the best.

Copy Optimization

This is something more suited for a blog on Search Engine Optimization and how to effectively write to reel in that sweet sweet search engine traffic. I’ll keep it short – use the right keywords and make sure your meta tags and effective and precise as hell. Now let’s get to the more important part – your users. Overwhelming concentration on the SEO can lead to words that have got no soul in them. Make sure that you write in a fascinating way that keeps your reading engaged.

Every extra minute a user spends reading your content and exploring what you have to offer, the higher the probability of conversion is. So make sure your optimization is not only just for Google but also – for your readers.



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