2019 A New Beginning for Brands


2019 A New Beginning for Brands

The digital world is never one for settling or slowing down in pace. Every year we are taken aback by the monstrous lengths that we leap forward as a generation being defined by our social media posts. Our sense of being “always connected” through handheld devices has ironically lead to a society where we have a general distrust for any kind of information floating around online.

Did you know:

Word of Mouth marketing impression results 5x more sales than a paid media impression and people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend.

Statistics like that are rarely known. Do you feel a perpetual feeling of your brand is slowly sinking while your competition seems to be rising around you? It’s time you did something about you.

Distrust in Celebrities

Let’s get this out there – We are tired of celebrities getting on their pretentious high horses and lecturing us about what’s right and where our values should lie. The days where a mediocrely famous face would pop up on the telly and wave his/her magic fingers into making us buy the latest phone is over. We don’t trust puppets anymore. People are in search of real connections. Real user reviews and actual ground tested research on anything and everything is what we as educated consumers expect. This is why we have seen such a meteoric rise in the number of Youtube review channels of the late.

Physical Stories

With digital marketing being an uncomfortably common way of promoting your brand(wait for it), you should stop relying on only digital marketing to get your brand ahead. Integrate your physical real-world promotion strategies with an online touch.

Set up cute lil shops at niche spots and promote a beautiful message and subtly your brand. Get people to know about this through your digital marketing strategies. Now, that’s you play it in 2019 son!

Evolve your Sales Team

Sales and Marketing have forever been these separate entities that come together occasionally for forced uncomfortable chit-chat that takes you back to those dreaded thanksgiving family dinner days. But if you want to launch a marketing campaign that has a better chance of converting into sales, you better think of letting these teams gel together more. The more comfortable things are between these departments, the faster you have an evolved team ready to shoot out amazing ideas at the perfect time.

Customer’s Define your Brand

One of the rookie mistakes that most brands make is thinking that they can dictate the rules of the game. You can set up and develop your own voice but what gives your brand it’s essence is the customers. Companies have to start understanding and behaving as per the customer’s requirements. You can no longer walk on your own terms and conditions and assume that people will follow whatever you sell. Once your brand starts thinking of this in a positive way, you can start harnessing the potential of untapped customer satisfaction!




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