Branding Ethics 101


Branding Ethics 101

We can go talking about SEO and methods of driving in traffic through PPCs all day. In fact, I believe its, time to look at this who marketing thing in another important angle. Okay fair warning, this article will be highly advantageous do those brand owners who also have a store and live audience visiting by every day. If you are a brand that is purely run through online media, there are tons of other Adhuntt Media blogs that you can learn a lot of stuff from.

Getting back to my original point – all that concentration on your digital audience and none on your live in-store ones is a bad way to do business. Does your store capture the culture and vibe of how you represent yourself online? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself before taking another step. If no, make sure that the themes match first. Once that is done, we can move on to the actual part what matters. Event Branding.

Aspire to be more

Don’t confine yourself the simple boundaries of banners, leaflets, and posters. It’s time your branding game was different. With the invasion of brute force unethical digital tactics, you may be tempted to fall into dark places led by temporary solutions. Embrace your true side and let that be the leading light to all your marketing ideologies. A good idea is to make a video about your vision as a brand. Yes, you sell a product or service, but make it about your customers. Every sale you make is about happiness and how you provide it. A change in perspective and a broader look at things can help your brand loads.

Give back to the Community

This is one of the most ingenious ways to improve your brand reputation without looking like a pretentious wannabe. There are tons of social problems in our society in today’s chaotic world. Hunger, Unemployment, and Violence are lurking around every corner. Spread the love through charity drives and events where you can help and make a considerable change in the world around you. Be careful or trying too hard or doing this just for the sake of attention. The audience is really skeptical of people helping others out of the blue these days. So self-promotion while helping might blow back in your face and earn you hate. Be genuine and help for a cause you actually care about and make it not about you. Find a good way to tread the thin line.

Proactive nature

Challenge yourself. If you are a young brand, rejoice in the fact that you have more creative freedom that the big boys. The decade-old brands have a certain code they’ve got to stick to, but if you are young, you can take risks that can pay of tremendously. Stay quirky and embrace your inner mischief. Audience loves a brand that is true to itself and isn’t too preachy or pretentious. Go on, put on your tin foil hat and go crazy with wild ideas.


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