Whassup Whatsapp! A Guide to use Whatsapp Effectively for Business.


Whassup Whatsapp! A Guide to use Whatsapp Effectively for Business.

Whatsapp has literally overthrown SMS all over the world. The ability to share texts and multimedia seamlessly across the globe without incurring extra charges has changed the way we interact with people now. Creating groups and video calling are all added features that we take for granted. Did you know that out of the 193 countries on Earth, Whatsapp is used in 180 of them. This stat dominates all other app performance data. An unfathomable 1.5 billion people use the app on a daily basis. With such incredible performance stats, as a brand creator and entrepreneur, you should start thinking about how to make the best of this to hustle up and boost your game.

Let’s look at some of the cool ways you can use Whatsapp to improve communication. 

Building Team Communication

Generally speaking, people are not big fans of change. We are social animals are used to certain patterns of behavior and find it comfortable to keep doing things as we all have. Resistance to change is not particularly a good thing for a healthy work environment. But we have noticed plenty of times where leaders would sketch up some half-assed plan to improve team communications and more frequently than not, the software or app is rejected by the employees leading to awkward silences around the water cooler. To brighten things up, why don’t we focus on using the beauty that is right in front of our eyes?!

Whatsapp comes loaded with features that help you set up a proper networking channel for your brand. You can set-up a workgroup with just a few taps and boom you can get started now. Setting up admins lets you have more control over who the members. All these features are accessible on the desktop too thank god for Whatsapp Web. Just scan the QR code on your mobile and we are ready to go. It’s the simplicity of things that make this app great for building team communications. And here is the best part – you don’t have to remind people to check the messages. You know that they are addicted to the app anyway.

Communicating with the Regular Customer

When was the last time you attended a call from an unknown number? With the emergence of the 24×7 texting lifestyle, phone calls are for people who know us on a personal level. No Sharon, I do not want to know about your latest Credit Card offers! If you want to get the attention of customers, a good way to start is to stop invading their privacy with personal calls. Get real and slide in a well put together text on Whatsapp. They probably won’t get annoyed and best case scenario would be actually interested in what you have to offer. Getting a call back this way is much more efficient than the age-old one. Moral of the story – Evolve with the times.

So if you own a small business that has a client list that you want to follow up, why not go and it the Whatsapp way. Write up a jolly old text along with an interesting picture of your offers or festival wishes. Broadcast it with your client list. You just reminded them about you in a subtle manner without interrupting them with a phone call. It’s small things like this that go a long way.


Boost Your Marketing Methods

With a brand that is worth more than NASA and Harley Davidson, you know that they know their marketing. But believe it or not, when the app was launched it did not have a marketing campaign and no ads were run. The app became famous because of the old school straightforward functionality. If there is one thing to learn from this, it is that your brand can also learn from this approach:

No Ads, No Games, No Gimmicks.”

But in 2019 it is also important to know that if you want to make your brand known in this competitive environment, you have to use little marketing tactics to gain the edge.  If this is the route you want to take, it is important that you know the behavior of your customers. Having research data on the type of people that you working with lets you know how, when and where to target the right ads.

Being the evolutionary replacement for SMS, now WhatsApp has become the primary form of communication for many of us. But this is not a sign for you to go and bombard all your clients with promotional messages. A cool way to walk the tight rope is to make a  promo inviting people to sign up for a contest of some sort and send the entries to a given phone number. Now that you have this data, and they have messaged you first, you can send promotional messages without raising flags concerning an invasion of privacy.

Whatsapp Business – What’s the difference?

As much as we know Whatsapp and it features, you can literally have a headstart if you get the business version. It’s loaded to the brim with features that let make your business life 10x easier. Let’s start with the simple stuff. You can label your contacts with colors so that you know what person you are dealing with. You can even keep check off if they are the ones who have made the payment or still due. Little goodies like these sure come in handy when you are in a tight spot.

A business profile has features that let your customers gander at your email, address, website and much more. This gives them and you better and easier ways to reach out and communicate. And now for my favorite feature – Quick Replies. Sometimes it sure is hard initiating conversations and replying to tons of customer texts. Through Quick Replies, you can set up template ones for frequently dealt issues right away. Once click and save hours of the clock. With automation, now you can set up quirky and cool greeting messages too. This lets the customers know that they are important even if you are caught up between a rock and hard place in the board meeting.


I hope that my blog has helped you at least a tiny bit and inspired to you use this simple messaging app in the best way for your business. Although the user interface looks really clean and simple, there are groundbreaking features under the skin. Use them to your advantage – and don’t forget to check out the Messaging Statistic if you are on a business profile. This will help you learn through trial and error, better ways to reach out to your core audience. If you liked my blog, do drop down a comment and let me know what you would like me to cover next. In case you are looking for a digital marketing agency that can help boost your brand identity, do let us know at Adhuntt Media. We build everything from scratch to suit your personal needs. Keep reading and learning to stay ahead of the curve fellow brand creator.





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