Importance of Google Webmaster

Importance of Google Webmaster

If you have heard the phrase “Search Engine Optimization”, you must have bumped into Google Webmasters at some point. If you do, skip to the next paragraph, and if you have not to keep on reading. Businesses are evolving and taking shape in the internet. When you own a brand, it is in your best interests that your page be easily accessible the netizens of the world. You could have the fanciest looking site for a movie review site, but if it doesn’t turn up on the first page of Google when someone searches for a movie blogger/reviewer. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. This is, simply put, the process of building your site’s “online reputation” and authenticity, so that Google knows that your brand is worth being on them from the page. There are a number ways that SEO experts solve this problem. Google Webmaster is the primary tool of communication that an SEO expert has by his side to reach with Google. This toolkit comes with a number of cool stuff that lets you tweak and adjust the many aspects of how Google sees your site. Now that you have a basic clue of what Webmaster is, we can move on its importance.

Find issues with the metatags and Html in one spot

Writing unique meta descriptions for every page is a very important part of the site’s identity. These tags, help your page fit into certain categories that can be pulled out immediately with a user searches for those keywords. Wouldn’t it be really cool if you had a tool where you could check out all the issues with Html tags and fix them? This is where Webmaster comes in. You get an easily navigable dashboard that helps you find and fix them all!

Get the Google Perspective

When a brand is being cultivated, there is a lot of energy and vision that makes it all happen. Throughout the building process, a lot of this is dissipated and the end product is an uninspired pool of mediocrity. This happens, when there are no checks in between. By streamlining the process, you get to look back and reflect on your daily progress so you know what you are about. If things are done this way, you have a brand that reflects your attitude and vision. In the same way, when we work with a website, it is very important to look at things from the perspective of Google. Questions like ‘How does the Google Crawler look at my page?’ are answered through the Google Webmasters tool. You can take a look at your main keywords, their variation, and significance.


As the word goes, Sitemaps are quite self-explanatory. Imagine a chart that details all the pages on your site and their hierarchy. That’s all there is to it. The idea is to inform the Google crawler about the hierarchy of your site. By this, you can also check out the site statistics such as the pages submitted and indexed. This can a super helpful tool of web developers and SEO experts.

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