Why people may unfollow your brand on social media?

Why people may unfollow your brand on social media?

Social Media has opened up so many avenues that we could not have even expected coming a hundred miles away over the past couple of years. With billions of users online, tapping away on their phones, it has become second nature to be overdramatically scared when we feel an emptiness in our pockets, a hollow flat space when our phones are supposed to be bulging out. The internet explosion and social media waves have tuned us psychologically and this is very noticeable in millennial culture. With brands coming over to fit the market, young ideas and entrepreneurs are getting a head start on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. How do you adjust to this rise and make your brand relevant too?

Stop excessive promotions

When a person follows your social media profile, they are looking for quality content. Something that they can take home with them. Instead of constant self-promotion, offer knowledge and beauty. By shifting to such a culture, you automatically become more attractive and worth following. Once you have gained enough clout, you can push promotions sparingly, but trust me, such promotions work a million times better than brands that just fill their pages with self-promotions.

Build yourself to be a thought leader of the industry

People don’t want your product. They want what your product stands for. This is a very important thing that many brands forget along the pipeline. When you look at the most popular brands, you will notice that the quality of their products is not a million times better than their competitors. It is the idea that all their products stand for which makes it premium. A good example can be Nike the athletic wear brand. With a very minimalist identity, their ads, posters, and promotions all follow a very simple formula – give the users something bigger than themselves to attach on to. The simple tagline ‘Just do it’ communicates the vibe and go-getter attitude of the brand. There is a lot to learn from such success stories.

Horrible Hashtags

Hashtags can help your content reach the right audience when used properly. There are two ways that social media managers go wrong with this. Either they bombard low-quality content with a whirlwind of irrelevant hashtags, or the other direction is just no hashtags at all. The idea is to use a few select hashtags that are very specific to your content. Make sure that use jump on the bandwagon when it comes to international events or festivals. If you have quality content, using the right hashtags will make them appear on interested user’s feeds and that is your key to growing. 

All these points when looked at from a larger perspective, point towards a more or less singular truth – This is offering your followers quality content that they will love sharing with friends and family or offer them something to learn and take away with. Keep it up and you will be growing followers efficiently over time!

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