Optimize your Social Media Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation and Conversion

Optimize your Social Media Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation and Conversion

How long have you been running a business for? If there is one thing that you know is that we are psychologically dispositioned to ignore calls from unknown numbers. Our trust levels are at minimal in such situations. Then imagine the stakes that big decisions make have to consider before being convinced by a cold call. This is why the coolest way to get the men and women in the big seats to acknowledge your expertise and invest in you is through social media marketing. You can build an expert portfolio that explains all about your operations and how you have helped various companies grow! With such a platform available to use for free, it is in the right direction to invest in high-quality posts that make a lasting impression.

Gated Content and appropriate usage

Here is the deal. Offer high-quality content on your social media pages. Make sure that you have built upon a decent audience with people who generally look up to your stuff. Once you have that going for you, step up the game – offer even more lucrative information and services that your readers will love to get into. But here is the kicker, do not give this out for free as well. Quality information can be kept gated. This can be achieved through links to your landing page. They don’t have to necessarily buy something to get the information but even free signup to your site is going to help hugely during the customer retargeting process. You get to learn about the kind of content your average user loves. Learning to get that harness this information and giving it to them in the right way is what separates a good businessman from and a bad one!

Contests and Engagement

Creating cool content that your audience loves engaging is the #1 way to make it. But there are a few psychological hacks that we can use to make the content more sharable! More sharable stuff means more reach! So how do you get there? Every prolific social media marketer will tell you that one of the best ways for more engagement to involve yourself in the process just as much. This means responding to comments, liking back pictures, sharing photos of happy customers and retweeting stuff of your audience that you love. These are tiny little things, but they mean a lot to your fan base and once in a while, activities like these will earn you a lifetime loyal customer. Keep that up for a long time and you’ll have a dedicated fan base who will spread your ideas and thoughts without even the necessity for promotion. Contests are one such tool you can use to get to that point.

Remember one thing, do not overdo it. Do not overdo the contests. Your number priority is creating more beautiful content every day. Once you have that going for you, try cool stuff like giveaways and contests for people who tag their friends and family. This subtle touch can mean a great deal for your brand becoming relevant and grow beyond measure.

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