Successful content marketing strategies

Successful content marketing strategies

If you have been in the advertising world, you would have heard the phrase ‘Content is King.’ Repeated over and over like a mantra. This is true of course and everyone should strive for creating better stuff that resonates best with the audience. But what frame of reference does this hold to? This vague blanket of a statement – content is king helps in no shape, way or form when it comes to actual strategy. This is why I thought that I can help content creators by giving out a couple of pointers when it comes to putting out good stuff that can make it big.

Know your audience

As a creator, you will be putting your blood, sweat, and soul into your creations. After being at it for a couple of months, you will begin to notice a trend. Some of your stuff get perceived and shared more than the others. Take note of this. Make sure that you study those works a little bit more. Ask your audience what part of that content made them share it and like it more than the others. Use this information as ammunition to streamline your workflow. But this has a downside as well. Let’s take music artists for instance. Generally speaking, the songs early on in their career have much more depth and a certain rawness to them. Over the years, they turn pop and just fill it up with easily accessible car music filled with hooks. Yes, now their content is more widely accessible but what about what made their music special? Try not to become sellouts. Create works that use the best of both worlds. This is a very hard balancing act to pull off but always try keeping that in mind. Over the years, this will help you as a content creator.

Know your position

When you are in the internet business, the world is your competition. Make sure that you are aware of the situation of all platforms. Yes, a single platform can be a good source of revenue, but always diversify and open up multiple channels for income. This helps in making you more reachable and open up passive sources of income. Analyzing people in the industry who work in the same kind of field as you are a very good way to start the business. Do not look at them as competition, but as potential collaborators. Get to know them as people! Drop them a DM and tell the big guns, how much the work they have done has inspired you as a creator. More usually than not, these big guys will actually look into your work. This is a good idea. You will start to get noticed in such circles and viola one day, you will find that one recommendation at some point that takes the ball. You will grow as a company and as a person.


From the above words, you might have understood that at times, the whole issue is that most creators have an attitude problem. You have to break out of this mold to actually interest your prospects and grow as a content creator!

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