Best Bamboo Steamer Basket 2021 – 

Steaming is one of the healthiest approaches to cooking food. This is an easy way to cook vegetables, meat, and dumplings without any extra butter or oil. 

It retains the healthy nutrition of all foods. It also retains your food’s natural taste, form, texture, and even color.

Some of the easy-to-use and most affordable steamers available are Bamboo Steamers, and they make any kitchen a great addition.

Here, we will review the best bamboo steamer basket reviews that best suit your cooking needs. And provide some useful information to help you choose the best bamboo steamer basket according to your needs.


Best Bamboo Steamer Basket Review –


  • Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer Basket 

Best bamboo steamer basket

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This Bamboo Steamer from Prime Home has 2 tiers with additional additives to make your cooking easier and more valuable.

In addition to the chinese steamer itself, the package also contains 2 pairs of chopsticks, 50 wax paper linings, and a sauce dish.

You don’t need to buy extra traditional Chinese utensils, the manufacturer has discounted them all in the packaging.

Your fish, meat, raisins, vegetables, and rice can be steamed to perfection in 30 minutes or less with Prime Home Direct.

It has two stacked layers, one stacked on top of the other, each having a diameter of 10 mm and a depth of 3 inches. This can provide enough space for small families of 3 to 4 people to cook.

The Prime Direct bamboo steamer also has a waterproof wall and a specially designed dome-shaped lid to prevent condensation from accumulating.


Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for travel and camping
  • Maintain the natural taste of food
  • The included extra utensils represents value for money
  • The lid has a drip-proof function and is a moisture absorbent
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  • VonShef Premium Bamboo Steamer

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Compared with boiling, cooking food not only retains all tastes but also retains a higher proportion of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which helps maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

To save your day, VonShef Premium 2-tier bamboo steamer is equipped with stainless steel Banding.

This may be the best wooden bamboo steamer for dumplings, in terms of design and ease of use.

This model has a very elegant design, looks cool, and is easy to use. In addition to the steamer itself, two pairs of chopsticks are also provided for users.

These special linings can prevent food from sticking to the bamboo steamer during cooking.

In addition to dumplings, vegetables, fish and many other foods can be easily cooked. This special steamer is designed to help food maintain its color, nutrition, and texture.


Why do we like it?

  • Made of waterproof bamboo.
  • Made of traditional natural bamboo wood
  • Comes with 50 sheets of wax paper Liners
  • It has a sturdy, meticulously crafted two-layer design.
  • Comes with two pairs of chopsticks.
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  • Happy Sales Bamboo Steamer

Best bamboo steamer

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This best bamboo steamer basket from Happy Sales allows chefs to stack bamboo racks one after another to prepare a variety of dishes.

Steaming food can also help your digestive system soften the fiber in vegetables and fruits.

This Happy Sales Bamboo steamer comes in 3 sizes ie is 6 inches,8 inches, and 10 inches. Very suitable for vegetables and seafood.

The system only needs 1 burner and 1 pan. Each dish can be cooked at its own time (set in its own rack) and as many racks as appropriate can be added. Two racks and one lid make up one set.

In such a chinese steamer, you can add as many layers as you need to steam multiple dishes at the same time.


Why do we like it?

  • Heat resistance
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Use
  • Suitable for most woks
  • 2 layer steamer with lid
  • Each tray is 1.5 inches deep
  • Three-Piece Bamboo Steamer
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  • Steami – Wooden Bamboo Steamer Basket

Best bamboo steamer


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This Steami bamboo steamer is another best bamboo steamer basket you can try.

This 10-inch bamboo steamer is a versatile device that will definitely change the way you cook by maintaining the fresh flavor in all foods.

It has a three-layer design, so you can cook more food at a time than the above two-layer model.

You can easily change their shelves and even rotate them to adjust the cooking time and temperature.

It includes up to 10 pre-cut inner pots, food that will not stick to the steamer, easy to clean and extend the service life. It comes with easy-to-follow recipes to prepare steamed dumplings, glutinous rice balls, and vegetables.


Why do we like it?

  • Made of 100% eco-friendly bamboo.
  • The material is lightweight, durable, and safe for humans
  • Conveniently put it in almost all woks, pots, and pans.
  • Contains no BPA or harsh chemicals
  • Recipe guide included
  • With three-layer design
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  • Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer

Best bamboo steamer

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Helen’s Asian Kitchen’s 12-inch bamboo steamer makes preparations easy. It can be used for cooking or heating vegetables, meat, and fish.

It has enough capacity to cook and assemble vegetables, grains, and protein for a whole week for one person.

After proper steaming, the vegetables will remain crispy and will not become too mushy when reheated later in the week.

It is made by hand from 100% tightly woven bamboo slats and fixed with bamboo nails. And it also contains no metal, wire, or plastic. The steamer has a sturdy two-layer bamboo structure, which is durable.

The 2 – tier 12-inch bamboo steamer with lid in Helen Chen Asian Kitchen is the perfect complement to any kitchen.


Why do we like it?

  • Easily steam vegetables, meat, seafood, etc.
  • The sturdy 2-layer bamboo structure
  • Attractive and lightweight
  • This size bamboo steamer has no steaming ring
  • Large capacity and deep basket
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  • Hcooker 3 Tier Kitchen Bamboo Steamer

Best bamboo steamer

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This steaming basket allows you to personally experience the benefits of steaming food.

The steamer is equipped with a 3-layer design. In this way, you can prepare up to 3 different steamed foods at once, saving time and fuel.

The steamer provides you with tights that can capture as much steam as possible and promote even and rapid cooking of food.

In addition, sealing helps to keep the nutrients in the food inside, so you can be sure to prepare healthy meals at all times.

You will quickly notice that the steamer is equipped with a stainless steel belt. These provide additional strength to the unit, enhance the bamboo’s moisture capture capacity, and enhance the overall robustness and durability of the bamboo.


Why do we like it?

  • Made of 100% natural bamboo for durability
  • Comes with a 3-tier design
  • Steamer with stainless steel belt
  • Includes 3 reusable liners
  • The tightly mounted lid traps steam inside
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  • BirdRock Home 8 Inch Bamboo dumplings Steamer

Best bamboo steamer

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This BirdRock Home Bamboo Steamer is designed with 100% natural bamboo, giving a real mark.

It means that you have a natural method of cooking that is durable and free of harsh chemicals associated with steamers of plastic and metal.

This is a very versatile steamer, suitable for most kitchen pots. In other words, you’re going to easily use it with woks, pans, and pots that you already have in your kitchen.

Also, please note that it has a 2-layer design that allows you to cook meat and vegetables/rice separately.

The maximum width of each tire is 10 inches, which means you can cook enough food for the entire family.


Why do we like it?

  • Designed by 100% natural bamboo
  • Two-tier design
  • Suitable for most kitchen pots
  • Pass the steam evenly to your meals for perfect cooking results
  • Provide you with convenient cooking and easy cleaning.
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  • Yuho Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer

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If you especially want a great 12-inch bamboo steamer, you should buy this Yuho 12-inch chinese bamboo steamer.

It is not only an excellent tool for cooking traditional Chinese food such as dumplings, but also allows you to steam fresh vegetables, poultry, meat, fish, seafood, etc.

Using this steamer is very simple and straightforward. You just need to put it on top of hot water to cook with steam.

The fact that it has 2 layers means that it gives you more space to prepare multiple steamed dishes at the same time.

This steamer is handmade by masters with more than ten years of experience, using 100% natural bamboo that is over 3 years old. Do not use any wires, metal, or plastic in its construction.

As a bonus, this steamer can pack up to 10 perforated parchment bamboo steamer sleeves to protect your shopping basket and make it easy to clean.

In addition, the steamer is packed in a separate color box to provide you with convenient storage space when not in use.


Why do we like it?

  • 100% natural bamboo, over 3 years old
  • No wires, metals, or plastics are used in its construction.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Convenient storage
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How to Clean your Best Bamboo Steamer Basket?

When doing all the delicious cooking, you might foolishly think that cleaning the bamboo steamer will be a tough job, but the cleaning time is a breeze.

To gently scrub the residue left on the bamboo steamer, use a soft nylon brush and hot water. Use a little detergent if necessary.


Please note – never put the bamboo steamer in the dishwasher-always wash by hand to avoid damage.


Buying Guide – Points to note when choosing a Best Bamboo Steamer Basket


  • Size – 


In order to meet your cooking needs, please choose the right size of the basket steamer. Most Basket steamers are 10 inches in diameter.


You should shop for a bigger model if you tend to cook for a crowd. For those cooking for one or two people, compact options are also available. The compact option can also be used for cooking for one or two people.


  • Materials – 

Choose a steamer made of 100% natural bamboo and BPA-free.


  • Tier – 

Most steamers also have multiple layers-usually two or three layers. This type of stacked design helps you to simultaneously cook multiple types of foods.

The two-tier steamer is usually the perfect choice for single chefs or couples. Families may prefer the spacious design of the three-tier steamer.


  • Easy to Clean 

The bamboo steamer can be dishwasher safe or not. However, in order to extend the life of the steamer, it is recommended to wash hands only. Before storing, make sure it is completely dry as this may cause molding and fading.


  • Safety – 

The equipment with heat-resistant coating allows you to hold it with bare hands without being burnt. Some models also provide you with clamps to ensure safe handling.


  • Quality – 

A bamboo steamer is not something you want to use and store at once. This is why you should buy a steamer made of durable, high-quality bamboo.


A good way to check the quality of bamboo is to find out if the source of the bamboo is legal. However, most high-end bamboo steamers provide a warranty.


  • Price – 

Unlike other types of steamers, bamboo steamers are reasonably priced. A compact two-tier steamer usually costs less than $20. The most expensive price is slightly more than $40 and usually includes other accessories.


FAQ Related Best Bamboo Steamer Basket – 


  • Is bamboo steamer poisonous?

Unlike metal and plastic steamers, bamboo steamers are non-toxic. This is because they are made of pure natural materials and will not release any unwanted odors or toxins into your food.


  • Why is my bamboo steamer smelly?

Because bamboo is porous, it can easily absorb the cleaning agent used for cleaning and release the odor from the food the next time it is cooked.

You can prevent this by using cleansers that have no strong odor.


Best Bamboo Steamer Basket Final Verdict 


Not all bamboo steamers are the same. They have different qualities, designs, sizes, etc.

In order to get a steamer that meets your unique food cooking needs, you need to know what to look for in a steamer.

The buying guide above will give you expert tips on how to choose the best bamboo steamer basket for yourself or your loved ones.

We hope this Top 8 Best Bamboo Steamer Basket Review 2021 article will help you in choosing the best bamboo steamer basket.