Are you looking out for the best drill bits for metal to carry out various jobs,with these powerful bits that are not only strong but have enough strength that they last longer than the bits used for wood working.

Do you know most of the people end up losing their money while choosing the best drill bit for metal for their home garage, shop, and even auto mechanics sometime miss these tiny things to know before buying it?

We have reviewed the bestsellers and figured out which drill bits you can use to go through metal.It is a tough job to find the best drill bit as there are variations of metal out there and choosing the right bit to carry out the work is very important.

For example, if you prefer to use hardened steel then a cobalt bit will work good and if you are using a sheet metal then any twist bit carry out the job. We have covered out the best drill bits that you can use to carry out the task.

Metal drill bits are specially designed bits for drilling holes in various types of metal. Drills for metal have a completely different design than bits for drilling in wood products, as wood bits are completely different from masonry bits.

There are also numerous types and types of metal drill bits. Cheaper metal drill bits can easily be used to drill softer metals. However, if you need to drill through hardened and heat treated material, you will need to buy a better quality drill bit.

The carbide bit works well when drilling through most carbides. The carbide tip gives the drill toughness and durability. But even this high quality drill is not strong enough to drill through cast iron, titanium or treated stainless steel.

A cobalt drill bit is very suitable for these applications. Cobalt drills are made from a solid composition of steel and cobalt. A piece of cobalt is heat treated, which changes its color from steel blue to shiny gold.

These bits are designed for high speed drilling and can withstand the heat generated by friction well. These bits are much more expensive, but can pierce literally any type of metal material. The aviation industry very often uses pieces of cobalt.

What are drill bits?

Drill bits are just the cutting tools that are being used to remove material and make holes these drill bits comes in different sizes and can create various types of holes in different types of materials.

List of Best Drill Bits for metal?

Drill America Cobalt Drill Bit Set(29Pc) 

Best drill bit for metal

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We have kept Drill America cobalt drills at top of bestseller drill bits list as these drill bits are very much effective in drilling tough, high tensile strength materials like stainless steel, Inconel and titanium.

You’ll be surprised to know that drill America cobalt drill bits are equipped with a 135 degree split point tip which help in self-centering and reducing thrust while these are much better than the traditional old 118 degree tip and won’t go “walking” on you.

The cobalt steel makes thhe drill bits long lasting in comparison to the high-speed drill bits, and also helps to maintain the strength and hardness during high drilling temperatures.

It has a gold oxide finish which acts as a lubricant and also provides resistance to drill bits and round shank accommodates most dill chucks.These drill bits confirm to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

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DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point(14pc) 

drill bit set for metal

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Dewalt cobalt drill set is designed in such a way that you acquire maximum speed and life in stainless steel and hard metals.Dewalt cobalt drill bit are one of the best drill bits for metal.

Dewalt cobalt drill set is equipped with a pilot point and comes with a split tip design that starts on contact and eliminates bit walking along for more control.

You need to remember this that dewalt is leader in power tools and it’s cobalt drill bit will be perfect for metal. Dewalt drill bit are commonly used for drilling in angle iron, stainless steel, I-Beams and other metals.

You need to remember this that dewalt is leader in power tools and it’s cobalt drill bit will be perfect for metal. Dewalt drill bit are commonly used for drilling in angle iron, stainless steel, I-Beams and other metals.

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Bosch CO14B 14 Pc. Cobalt M42 Drill Bit Set

Drill bit for metal
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Bosch Cobalt M42 metal drill bits are developed with an upgraded M42 alloy, which makes these drill bit for steel one of a kind, thus amazing is that they are practically unadulterated cobalt. These drill bits contain 8% of cobalt. These cobalt bits will deliver 10x more life in comparison to standard bits and also can resist high heat.

While the majority of the drill bits that we are going to share with you have superb characteristics for penetrating through metal, a considerable lot of these drill bits can’t withstand a continuous use , for example, drilling through steel. In any case, this next set from Bosch is intended for top of the line activities, implying that you are getting the absolute best bits in general.

What makes these so one of a kind thus amazing is that they are practically unadulterated cobalt. While some drill bits are equipped with different pieces are steel with a slight blend of cobalt, these are the genuine cobalt bits.

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IRWIN Drill Bit Set, Cobalt,(15-Piece) 

Irwin drill bits

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Irwin is equipped with Cobalt steel which not only extends cutting edge life but also keep up with the cutting life after resharpening. It is perfect drill bit for metal.It has Reduced shank above 3/8-Inch which allows the use of larger drill bits in a 3/8-Inch chuck

Irwin cobalt bits are extra hard drill for greater wear and a long lasting life of the bits. Split point tip which is 125-degree when  starts on contact, it cuts with less force.

While choosing from different brands of drill bits irwin will be in the list of bestsellers as it’s cobalt sets are available for almost every drilling work.

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Metric Drill Bits Set for Stainless Steel and Hard Metal 

Metric drill bits for metal and steel
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Metric drill bits sets are equipped with premium M42 cobalt (that is 8% cobalt steel) and 68-70 HRC(Rockwell Hardness Scale)which provides the best heat, wear and chip resistance and also give a long tool life to the bits.

Metric drill bit have  3 steps of design which help cutting through stainless steel, hard metals, aluminium and plastic. This amazing cobalt drill bit is capable of running much faster.

Usually price of cobalt is higher whereas overall cost of per hole using cobalt drill will be lower since it has ability to produce so many more holes.

The metric Sharp drill Bit Edge Can Cut the Metal material into very long strips of iron rather than Slowly Grinding through the material with a slight blunt drill bit.

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DEWALT Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point, Cobalt, (29-Piece) 

Dewalt drill bit set 29pc

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Dewalt drill bit is designed in such a way that it provides maximum speed and long lasting life and it’s pilot point and split tip design let’s no bit walking and also allows more user control.

Dewalt cobalt drill bit is intended to be used on hard metals and this 29 pc pack just makes your work too easy and prevents you from purchasing the bit again and again.

You need to remember  that dewalt is not only best in power tools but it’s cobalt drill bit are just perfect for metal and can also be used on various applications. Dewalt drill bit are capable of being used for drilling in angle iron, stainless steel, I-Beams and other metals.

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Bosch Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set(21pc) 

Bosch cobalt drill bit Check Price on Amazon

Bosch CO21 Drill Bit Set is built up with cobalt which is ideal for drilling hard and abrasive materials such aw stainless steel, cast iron and high density metal and is also used for the general drilling in light-gauge metal, wood and plastic also.

The accuracy of bosch CO21 cannot be questioned as it features a no-skate split-point tip for drilling clean, precise and accurate holes giving out high quality work. It also has a three-flat shank design that not only promotes better grip but also guards against slipping on bits 3/16 in and larger.

The performance of bosch drill bits is amazing as it has been designed for a very high drilling temperatures for a great performance in stainless steel and hard metals. Bosch Cobalt Metal Drill Bits are not only solid and reliable but also provide 4X longer life than standard high-speed drill bits.

It is versatile and also includes laser-etched marking to provide clearly marked bit diameter.

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IRWIN Drill Bit Set,Cobalt Steel(29-Piece) 

Irwin drill bit set Check Price on Amazon

Irwin drill bits are ideal for drilling in tough metal, including heavy-duty abrasive and also alloy metal drilling on hardened steel and other metals with help of these best quality cobalt drill bits.

These cobalt drill bits are made from industrial grade high-speed steel for increased durability and high speed cutting. 8% Cobalt alloy is heat and abrasion-resistant and comes with a135-degree split-point tip which not only starts drilling immediately with less force but also eliminates “walking” across the work surface.

Irwin cobalt drill bits comes with a metal index case for easy bit access and identification. These cobalt drill bits includes drill bit sizes 1/16- to 1/2-inch in 1/64-inch increments. And also the IRWIN Tools Cobalt High-Speed Steel Drill Bit, 29-Piece Metal Index Set (3018002).

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DEWALT Cobalt Pilot Point Drill Bit Set(14Pc) 

Dewalt drill bit Check Price on Amazon

Dewalt DW1263 (14-pc)consists of a cobalt split point bit assortment which includes a selection of most commonly used drill bits that have enough precision crafted in such a way that ot provides improved durability and much faster cutting.

It features a pilot point tip which is designed in such a way that it reduces walking at startup to provide more enhanced and precise performance, the most tough tasks of industries are completed with quick work through cobalt bits which easily drills through stainless steel.

Dewalt bits comes neatly packed in a heavy duty and safe case made up of industrial-grade ABS material, so that you never end up finding bits through bottom of a big tool kit for a bit, only to find out whether it’s not been damaged due to transport.

This durable case comes with an interlocking hinge and a sliding rubber lock, with the help of it you can count on it to stay closed and hold up to the rest of time.It comes with labeled slots for each bits and also an advanced bit holder which keep the bits organized and find out the bits as per the need.

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Chicago Latrobe Cobalt Drill Bit (21-piece) 

Chicago drill bit Check Price on Amazon

Chicago Latrobe drill bit Set consists of 21 jobber length drill bits which includes different inch sizes 1/16″ through 3/8″ in 1/64″ increments.Cobalt steel also provides extended  life compared to lightening fast steel drill bits when drilling hardened materials

Its Gold oxide finish not only lubricates but also provides wear resistance on ferrous materials.It has self-centering 135-degree split point that penetrates hard material without a pilot hole and also produces small chips that helps to reduce clogging.It has extra thick web that helps in increased strength and rigidity in comparison to the standard drill bits.It is proudly made in usa.

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It can be a tough task of drilling through metal in comparison to drilling through wood, You should look out at drill point which clearly point  whether it is suitable for hardened steel or not.A cobalt bit is perfect option for drilling through hardened steel as it is strong enough in cutting and works with high speed.

How to make drilled hole larger?

If you have already drilled a hole through the metal and you wish to make it a bit larger, then you should fold a piece of emery cloth in half, with the abrasive side facing towards inward and place it over the hole. The primary benefit while working like this is you would be able to avoid noise of cutting arising through the drill bits in addition you would prevent from a jagged hole. You should drill wide enough through the emery cloth with wide drill bit and you'll also observe a smooth and nice hole.

Why Cobalt Drills are Preferred for Metal?

It is true that cobalt drill bits are not only strong but also can be operated at high speeds in comparison to standard HSS drill bit. The ability to keep up with the heat means that cobalt bits can be used for longer period of time without letting it to cool or need of cutting fluid. They are most commonly used to cut through hardened and abrasive materials.

Which Drill Bits are best for hardened metal or steel?

Only the cobalt drill bits are perfect for hardened metal or steel which works best with cobalt blend. These drill bits usually contains 8% cobalt. This cobalt bit works really well in cutting steel or making holes.

Did You Get Lost?

We know that choosing the best drill bits is not that easy especially if you’re looking best bits for hardened steel. However we have tried to make sure that you find out the perfect drill bit for hardened steel and we feel that you should consider top 5 products displayed in our list.

One thing to remember is bits never last for lifetime so a perfect choice can be made after trying first the bestsellers then looking for new drill bits available in market.