How to choose the best drill bits for stainless steel?

Choosing the best drill bits for stainless steel is a difficult task and most of the people end-up wasting their time as well as damaging the material which they are drilling.

But no worries our team has done complete research on it and have noted down the key things which you should know before choosing it.

Things such as material made up of, sizes, and the compatibility of drill bits, etc must be known to you.

So, we will explain each and every aspect to you and make you smart enough; as the majority of people fail to pick the right drill bits for their work.

Mostly for drilling stainless steel the drill bits are made up of cobalt and titanium coated which are effective as compared to other ordinary drill bits. As they are hard enough to tackle tough materials such as stainless steel, hard metal, aluminum, and etc.

Following are the Best Drill Bits for Drilling Stainless Steel:

Titanium Coated Drill Bits:

It is one of the toughest high-speed steel available in the market which can be used for drilling stainless steel, woods, hard metals, etc. As the high-speed steel is made up of Titanium-Nitride coating which is usually known as TiN.

TiN coating drill bits are mostly used by the professional or who work on a regular basis. Because it lasts more as compared to the ordinary high-speed drill bits.

Therefore TiN coating helps to reduce the friction while drilling the hard material. Hence, it produces less heat and makes your job easier to complete without damaging the material which you are drilling.

But there is a bit downside about Titanium Drill Bits as they are only effective until the coating lasts. Though they are tough; after frequent uses, the coating may worn-offs and becomes dull.

When the coating worn-off it can’t be that effective for you but you can either replace it or re-apply the titanium coating for effective use.

Cobalt Drill Bits:

It is more than ordinary high-speed steel which is durable and efficient. Because it contains a mixture of 5 to 8% cobalt with high-speed steel.

Hence makes it durable enough to tackle any tough material such as stainless steels, hard metal, aluminium, titanium, even wood and other soft materials with heat-resistance functionality in your job sites.

These bits can be sharpened easily when it becomes dull after

frequent uses. These bits contain the mixture of cobalt; not just the coating which worn-offs easily.

We hope you understood the difference between the Titanium Coated and Cobalt drill bits for stainless steel. But for your convenience, we have also listed down and reviewed the few bit drills. So, you can choose the right one for you without wasting your time and effort.

Best DEWALT(DWA1269) 29pcs Drill Bit Set for Stainless Steel:

Drill bit set for stainless steel

Drilling stainless steel is a tough job to do. But the Dewalt which is one of the renowned tools manufacturers has the DWA1269 model. This drill bit can make your job lot easier as it comes with the cobalt alloy bit material which can drill almost every hard material.

They are designed for the maximum speed and durability you need as well as for precise cutting of hard metals. The pilot

point and split tip design enable you to drill fast and easy. And hence allows you to control moreover it; without a bit walking over the materials, you are drilling in.

However, this cobalt bit is backed with 29pcs of bit size range from 1/16 bit to 31/64 bit. That means you can drill almost every size of hole you need to drill into the material.

It is also highly recommended by the professional as it can be used frequently for drilling every hard metal such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, steels, etc.


Durable Cobalt high-speed steel.

Pilot-point and slip tip for precise drilling.

More user control without a bit walking.

Widely used by professional workers.

Suitable for almost every hard metals.


Quite expensive.

Provides cheap case for storing.

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BOSCH Cobalt M42-Drill Bit for Stainless Steel:

Bosch dri bit for stainless steel

BOSCH Cobalt M42 is specially designed with heat-resistance functionality which plays an important role while drilling. The heat-resistance functionality allows you to complete your job fast and easy without wasting your much time waiting to cool the bits.

The M42 drill bit contains 8% cobalt which makes it much more durable and strong enough for almost any drilling without dulling its pilot point. And, hence delivers the long life of the bits as compared to the other standard bit drills.

However, while drilling at a slow speed the drill bits works like a charm and delivers you the clean drill without leaving the black mark on the material.

Moreover, it is backed with fast and accurate drilling functionality; without bit of working over hard materials such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, steels, iron, etc.


Heat-resistance bit drill.

Penetrates almost every hard materials.

Contains 8% cobalt for the longevity of bits.

Suitable for heavy-duty.


Needs to sharpened after it gets dull.

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IRWIN Drill Bit Set, M35 Cobalt Steel:

Irwin drill bits for stainless steel

IRWIN Drill Bit looks like an ordinary drill which cheap and non-efficient. But they are made of M35 Cobalt which means it contains 5-8% of cobalt and makes it more efficient and durable as compared to the other ordinary bits.

Though these bits are widely used by the professionals, as it makes the job lot easier. Because they are hard enough to penetrate the holes easily into the hard material without wasting your time in your job sites.

The Cobalt coated not only makes them strong and durable, it too makes them the heat and abrasion resistance.

The heat resistance allows you to work on the project without waiting for the bits to cool down. And, the abrasion resistance allows it to be strong enough while they come in contact with the though material which you are drilling in, without worrying about the breakage of these bits.

They are designed for heavy-duty work and have the 135-degree split point tip which requires less pressure while drilling in and helps you to remove the chip particle fast and easy. Even it allows you to drill the tough materials without a bit of walking.

Nevertheless, it is backed with the rubber molded case and the indexing of bit sizes for easy access and identification of the bits, you need for drilling.


Contains M35 Cobalt and makes it hard enough to penetrate holes.

Widely used by the professional.

Designed with 135-degree split point functionality.

Heat and abrasion resistance drill bit.

Rubber moulded case provided for easy storing and protection while dropping.


Needs to sharpen on regular basis after it gets dull.

Quite Expensive Drill Bits.

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Amoolo Cobalt plus HSS Stainless Steel Drill Bit Set:

Amoolo drill bits for stainless steel

Amoolo Drill Bit is perfectly designed for drilling though material such as stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, woods, and other soft materials.

Though it is made up of M35 grade cobalt which has heat and wears resistance functionality. Besides it also contains 5% of cobalt that makes it more durable and high-speed steel to complete your job fast and easy.

It has a straight shank with a 135-degree split point which enables them from walking while drilling the materials. And, even it is backed with 13pcs of bit set which allows you to drill different sizes of holes you require for your job.


High-Speed Steel with 5% Cobalt.

Portable for carrying to job sites.

Doesn’t a bit walk because of a 135degree split point.

Specially designed for hard materials.


A smaller bit can break easily if huge pressure applied.

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Neiko Titanium Step Drill Bits for Stainless Steel:

Neiko drill bits

The classic High-Speed Steel of Neiko is designed with the coating of titanium. It also proves the capability and the durability of the bits for drilling hard materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and even plastic and woods, etc.

The all in one step drill bit set with a 135-degree split point tip enables you to increase the cutting speed of the materials. It even prevents the bit from walking and helps to self-center while drilling.

Neiko Drill Bit is also backed with two flutes designed and tri-flatted shank. The two-flute design helps you to remove the chip particles fast and easy. While the tri-flatted shank enables you to fit in almost every power tool. Hence, eliminating the slippery of drill bits while drilling.

However, Neiko Drill Bit only consist of 3 pieces of the set but it can be used for drilling different size of the hole into the materials. As the engraved marking with the number of sizes you need for drilling is provided on the bit.


Can easily penetrate hole into the hard material.

Strong High-Speed Steel with titanium coating.

135 degree split point tip for drilling clean holes.

Worth for every penny spent.


Non-heat resistance drill bit.

Cannot drill tiny holes properly.

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Hymnorq Cobalt Steel Drill Bit Sets

Hymnorq drill bit set

Hymnorq Drill Bit is made up of the combination of M35 grade Cobalt Steel which means it contains 5% of Cobalt. And, makes it super hard to penetrate the holes through almost every hard material, such as stainless steel, copper, cast iron, and other softer materials such as woods, plastic, etc.

They are hard and durable because of the Cobalt coating which

even makes the bit heat resistant and lasts longer as compared to ordinary bits.

The key features such as a 135-degree split point allow you to enforce the less power to penetrate the holes. The pre-drilling is also not required as you can drill easily as per your requirement of sizes because of the self-centering functionality.

However, it is also backed with the twisted drill bit body and straight shank functionality.

The twisted body of bits allows you to remove the dust particles from material fast and easy.

And, the straight shank type functionality allows it to fit in any standard drill and prevent the bits from walking around the material while drilling into it.

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Hence, it is one of the most inexpensive drills bit sets and can be used on regular basis.

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Metric M42 8% Cobalt Twist Drill Bits Set for Stainless Steel:

The premium M42 Cobalt Drill Bits contains 8% of cobalt alloys which makes them super hard, good heat, and wear resistance. Also, increases the life span of the bit as compared to other ordinary drill bits.

Unlike, other drill bits it also has the 135-degree split-tip design which enables you to drill the material faster.

But, the additional functionality like 3 step design on tip of the bit is provided to it. So that you can drill easily when it comes in contact with hard materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, aluminuim, etc.

The 3 step tip design also enables you to remove the chip particle easily without leaving the unusual mark in the material. They even prevent the drill bit to walk away.

The drill bit set consist of 19 pcs which size range from 1mm to 10mm.

However, for easy understanding, the size marking are mentioned in the case, which helps you to select the perfect size of the drill bit.


Contains a premium 8% of a cobalt alloy.

Heat and wear resistance.

Removes the chip particles fast and easy.

A wide variety of bit sizes is provided.

Low cost per holes.

3 step tip design for effective drilling.


Might slip while drilling because of the round shank type design.

Not suitable for softer wood, ceramics, and glass

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Buying Guide for Choosing Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel:



Geometry plays an equal role as coating and the material of drill bits. As the obvious aspect of the drill is its length. They come on two common lengths such as stub and jobber length.

When it comes to drilling the hard materials like stainless steel stub length drill are very effective because they are more rigid and strong enough to penetrate the holes.

Despite the stub length bit the jobber length bit drill also perform well. But they being longer in length has the less rigid, so they might end up breaking.

So, we highly recommend you opt for the drill bit which has a stub length for drilling hard materials.

Flute Length:

Longer the flute length stays above the material better it is. As flute helps you to remove the chip particle without any obstruction.

Suppose, you are drilling a material always keep the bit two times diameter higher the flute length above the holes, to allow the proper chip evacuation.

If the two diameters of the flute are not above the material, then the chip particles might get stuck inside it. This provides you the poor surface finish, holes and might cause straightness issues.


Generally, two types of drill point available like 118 degrees and 135-degree drill points.

The 118-degree point bit is most common and is widely used for general purposes. They are very efficient in drilling the holes into mild steel, aluminium, and other soft material.

While the 135-degree point mostly comes with the stub length drill bit. They are specially designed for hard materials such as stainless steel, metals, etc.

Helix angle:

Higher the helix angle better it is for drilling the harder material. So, we would highly recommend you choose the drill whose helix angle more the 40 degrees if you are drilling the hard material.

Otherwise, for softer material or general-purpose use, you can opt for the lower helix angle.

Self-centering point:

Almost every above-mentioned drill bit has self-centering functionality. As they help the drill bit to re-position them while drilling the flat surface.

On the other hand, the normal high-speed steel doesn’t have the self-centering functionality. Hence, they tend to walk or wobble while drilling the flat surface.

These bits are very economical and lower the cost per holes.

Pilot Point:

If you are guy whole loves to do DIY or projects on regular basis then you should surely consider the pilot pointed bits.

Suppose you want to drill a deep hole into the material. Firstly, start the drill with the stub length drill bit which allows you to drill the material easily.

Then, start the drilling process by using the jobber length drill bits at 300-500 RPM. And, when the jobber length drill bits get up to the hole drilled by stub length drill bit. Now, you can start the drilling process at a full speed.


Always keep the drill bit vertical to the surface to prevent the breakage of the drill bit set.

Drilling hard material requires low-RPM. So, please follow the guide provided with the package before using it.

Using lubricating oil or water while drilling the material for a longer time makes it efficient. And, hence also increases the life of the bits.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend you to use the drill press if you are drilling the thick materials. However, if you are using the electric drill, please ensure to adjust the RPM of the drill to prevent any damages.

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