Looking for the best impact drivers! we are sure you’ll find the best impact driver for automotive use from the list given below.

Electricians, steel bolt builders, carpenters, mechanics for mechanical HVAC as well as those who love do-it-themselves self need impact wrenches. The impact wrenches can help improve productivity and enable fast turnaround times without great fatigue. These drivers are generally powerful enough to perform a number of drilling and driving tasks in just a few seconds, which is otherwise a tedious and time-consuming task.

With the improvement in technology, these impact wrenches have become more compact and their designs have been improved for better handling. The era of impact wrenches, which required a direct electrical connection with cables, is long gone because they were restricted by their cable construction and could only be used in places where a suitable socket was available. The long cords also lead to tangles that cause delays. They were heavy with limited use.Checkout articles at adhuntt

The wireless design available today allows users to move more freely and carry them anywhere and everywhere. The clean and compact design made these impact wrenches light and easy to maneuver. They are also very portable and do not require an outlet. So if you are looking for an impact wrench, you need to consider the following points before buying one. It’s always good to make informed decisions instead of buying one and then reversing.

Design: This is very important. The design must be compact so that the driver is comfortable to hold and operate. It must also be designed so that it can be used in tight spaces and tight corners.

Lightweight: Working with a heavy tool quickly leads to arm fatigue and slows down work, increases TAT ​​and reduces efficiency. Therefore, the impact wrench must be light enough to be used over a long period of time without great fatigue. The driver must be easy to maneuver.

Portability: All of this has to do with weight. The heavier the driver is, the more difficult it is to carry him around. Therefore, a lighter version with the same or similar capabilities as the heavier version is much appreciated. There must also be some kind of belt hook to keep your hands free.

Features: You need to consider features such as torque, engine speed, LED lights to illuminate the work surface, speed control, generated sound, generated vibration, battery level indicator, quick-change bit charging, battery life, etc.

Kit contents: A charger, a carrying case, a belt clip, an additional battery, etc. must be available. If these are missing in one brand, you need to consider another brand that offers all of this and also ensures high quality.

Quality: Not easy to understand when you are not using it. One of the best ways to find out the quality of a particular impact driver is to go through real customer reviews. This gives you a good idea of ​​what to expect from the manufacturer.

So what are you waiting for? We have a list of cordless impact driver for automotive use from various manufacturers that have been checked by our experts using the above parameter. Get in and read some of them and make an informed decision. Trust us, nobody will call the police when you read the reviews!

List of Best Impact drivers

1.DEWALT Impact Driver Kit (DCF885C1)

INCREASED VISIBILITY:Dewalt impact driver has a built in LED with 20 second delay which comes after trigger release.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN:Dewalt impact drivers are Compact (5.55 in. front to back)and lightweight (2.8 lbs) design which fits into tight areas

ONE HANDED BIT LOADING:This impact driver has a 1/4 in. hex chuck and accepts 1 in. bit tips. No load speed: 0 2,800

RELIABILITY: Dewalt impact driver is backed by a 3 year limited warranty.Anvil type quick release


  • (1) DCF885 Impact Driver,
  • (1) 20V MAX* Battery (1.5 Ah),
  • and (1) Fast Charger

*Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18

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2.Makita Impact Driver Kit(Cordless)

Motor: Makita impact driver’s BL Brush less motor delivers 1, 500 inches pounds of maximum torque

Speed: Variable speed of makita impact driver (0 3, 400 RPM & 0 3, 600 IPM) is for a wide range of fastening applications

EliminatesCarbonBrushes: The BL Brushless motor not only eliminates carbon brushes but also enables the BL motor to run more cooler and more efficiently for longer life.

Efficient Motor: Makita’s efficient BL Brush less motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for up to 50 percentage longer run time per charge.The electronically controlled BL Brush less motor efficiently uses energy to match torque and RPM to the changing demands of the application.

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3.PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit and Impact Driver, (2-Tool)

Power: Porter cable impact driver comes with 1/2 inch two speed drill/driver. High performance motor delivers 283 Units Watts Out and 0-350/0-1,500 RPM.

Design: Porter cable Compact design is 8.25 inch long and 3.5 lbs. Drill features an ergonomic handle design, LED light and bit storage

Performance: 1/4 inch impact driver delivers 1450 in/lbs of torque, 0-2,800 RPM and 0-3,100 BPM. Quick load chuck for one handed bit changes.

Compact Design: Compact design 6.9″ long and 3.3 lbs.Impact driver features an ergonomic handle, LED light and bit storage

Battery: 20V MAX 1.3 Ah lithium ion batteries included. Professional grade batteries usually deliver more runtime and are lighter weight than traditional NiCd batteries

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4.CRAFTSMAN Impact Driver Kit, Cordless, 1/4-Inch

Power:Craftsmen impact driver is 1/4in. Cordless impact driver delivers 1, 460 in lbs of torque for driving larger fasteners and also quick release chuck for easy one-handed bit changes the Max 2, 800 RPM and 3, 100 ipms for quick fastening applications

Visibility: Impact driver comes with led light which improves visibility in dark work areas making easier to work.

Battery: Craftsman impact driver includes 20V max* Lithium batteries with high performance cells provides ample runtime and enhanced performance also the 20V MAX* Lithium charger provides a 60 minute or less charge time on included battery

Compatibility: This impact driver is compatible with versatrack hang hook

Warranty: Craftsman impact driver provides 3 Year Limited Warranty

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5.DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless IMPACT DRIVER Drill Combo Kit, 2-Tool(Best Seller) 

Ergonomic Design:Dewalt combo kit comes with such high quality lightweight tools which are designed perfectly to fit user’s needs.

Increased Visibility:Dewalt drill combo kit comes with a built in led light with 20 second delay after trigger release which helps to continue work in the dark also with an impact driver.


  • (1) DCF885 impact driver
  • (2) 20-volt 1.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries
  • (1) 30-minute charger
  • (1) belt hook
  • (1) hard plastic storage and carrying case

ONE HANDED BIT LOADING: THE DCF885 has a 1/4 inches hex chuck and also accepts 1 inches bit tips, Power Tool Type is Cordless

Power: DEWALT-designed electronics have always been built into the impact driver’s switch to provide long lasting life for the tools and batteries by helping to prevent them from overheating, overloading or deep discharging during use.

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6.BLACK and DECKER Impact Driver Kit(20V) 

Performance: Black and Decker impact driver delivers high Performance transmission of 1375 in-lbs of max torque and quick release of 1/4″ Hex chuck

Lightweight: Black and Decker impact drivers are not only Compact & Lightweight but also are easy to use.

Voltage: This impact drivers maximum starting battery voltage measured without a workload is 20 volts and nominal voltage measured is 18volts.

Included Components:

  • (1) BDCI202,
  • (1) 20v Max Battery,
  • (1) Charger,
  • (1) Screwdriving bit

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7.Impact Driver Kit, 1590 in-lbs 20V MAX Cordless 1/4″

POWERFUL MOTOR & HIGH TORQUE – This amazing impact driver has maximum torque of 1590 in-lbs, along with variable speed up to 2700RPM, this Avid Power impact driver can drive screws or tighten nuts in lightning fast speed.

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT:Avid Power impact driver compact design can help you fit into tighter areas, ultra-lightweight(3.1 pounds) make it effortless to be used for a long time, thus helping minimizing the user fatigue.

BRIGHT LED LIGHTS: With 3 built-in LED lights this impact driver  can increase your visibility in any enclosed work spaces or any dark room and let you effortlessly screw wood, plastic, drywall, brick, concrete, and metal.

QUICK TOOL BITS CHANGE: With this special chuck of avid power, you can easily and instantly remove bits from the tool by simply pulling back on the collet.


  • A cordless impact driver,
  • 14Pcs Sockets,
  • 10Pcs Driver Bits,
  • tool bag,
  • 20V Max Lithium-ion battery with real-time capacity indicator
  • and USB output, charger and user manual.

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8.DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Driver, Brushless

Product: Dewalt impact driver built with brushless motor, compact, lightweight design for tight spaces.

Speed: This impact driver comes withh variable speed trigger, no load speed 0 to 1000, 2800, 3250

Speed: Dewalt impact driver comes with 3 speed settings for versatility with precision drive for added Control

Led Lights: Dewalt brushless impact driver comes with 3 LED lights with 20 second delay after trigger release

Battery: No battery or charger is included with dewalt brush less impact driver.

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9.DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Driver Kit, Brushless, 3-Speed, 1/4-Inch

Product: DEWALT impact driver built brushless motor (2) 20V Max XR Lithium-Ion(4.0ah) batteries delivers more run time and capacity.compact, lightweight design for tight spaces

Speed: This impact driver 3-speed settings for versatility with Precision Drive for added control- 0-1,000/ 2,800/ 3,250 RPM

Lights: Dewalt brushless impact driver comes with (3) LED lights with 20 second delay after trigger release

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Even a few years ago the Cordless Impact Driver was not a favourite among hardware users who needed these tools for day to day activities. They were rarely seen on job sites and on the shelves of hardware stores. Recently however, their popularity is ever increasing leaving you to wonder why. The reasons are very simple; they are lightweight, very compact and provide a higher output of torque. Additionally this higher fastener torque comes with no recoil so that the user does not feel the kickback like in drills.

Types of cordless impact drivers

There are two main categories of impact drivers which are available. They are single speed drivers and multi-speed drivers which offer different settings. There are also drivers with brushed motors and brushless motors. Most brushless impact devices come with multiple speed as well as different torque settings so that you can adjust it as per your requirements.

Here are a few important tips for using the impact driver.

•    The Incredible torque: These drivers have the distinct advantage compared to normal drivers or drills available which is the enormous torque. One can basically fasten big screws with even a compact driver.

•    It is not just for driving screws: They are very suitable for handling big bits and screws and can bore large holes. Even though they act like a drill, they have almost twice the rotations per minute of cordless drills. When it comes to the bigger bits, they generate a high-torque impact level which makes the job easier.

•    Easier Driving: The drill bit remains engaged constantly making it easier to use with one hand. Normally with standard drivers the user has to put his weight behind the screw and push hard. This is not the case with these impact drivers as the torque mechanism also creates forward pressure.

•    The only driver you will ever need: This driver is suitable for any kind of job that you need making it very popular.

•    Extremely loud: Impact drivers are very loud and one must wear soundproofing items like muffs or ear plugs. Long usage without protecting your ears can cause damage to your hearing in the long run.

•    It is not a hammer drill: Even though the impact driver pretty much looks and sounds like a hammer drill they are very different. A hammer drill is engineered for powerful forward thrust; however, the impact driver is designed to have a much higher torque. Therefore, one is not a substitute for the other.

•    Easy to handle: Even though these drivers produce very high torque, they are very compact and easy to handle. It has less of the wrist twist effect and even a young boy can effortlessly operate with a big screw.

•    Go for a Combo Kit: Just by spending a few dollars more you can add a driver, a hammer drill and even a regular drill to your tool kit. This combination of a driver and drill will cost around $25 more than one tool. Once you get the combo you will never need anything else.

•    Use impact-rated screwdriver bits: Impact drivers should only be used with impact-rated screwdriver bits. Impact-rated bits are made from harder steel than non-impact bits, which reduces the chances that they will break apart or shatter while you are using the tool.

What are the brands one should look at for an impact driver?

There are many companies that produce the Cordless Impact Driver, but when it comes to a tool like this which will be used a lot; one must ensure that it is of the best quality. Some of the best makers available in the US are DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita and Porter Cable. Whether you use the tool at home or professionally these are the brands that would suit you the best.

What is different in a cordless impact driver?

Nowadays people have no limit to their creative imagination when it comes to what they build. Beautiful decks, docks, innovative tree houses, sheds, fences and firewood racks are just a few examples. This kind of work requires a lot of fasteners, especially lag screws. There is only one tool that rotational speed and blows per minute which makes it the best for these big screws. It is the Cordless Impact Driver. They are faster and more consistent than a drill.