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If you are quite the expert in website conversions, you better hurry and scroll down to the juicy parts where we talk about how CRO can boost your site. The rest of us who love taking things slow, jump in and let's learn everything from square one. What in Zeus' beard is a darning CONVERSION? Every visit to your website is aimed at a single target: To buy or subscribe to your product/service. That sweet sound of the coins...

Do you run a brand that sells products online? Looking for a way to boost your e-commerce site to new heights? If you run a website that is powered by WordPress, we have got the perfect plugin for you. Facebook for WooCommerce is the latest plugin offered by the brains behind WooCommerce. Be ready to benefit from this untapped customer base. Let's Go! Today we will learn how to integrate your WooCommerce site with your Facebook page....

An increasing amount of web pages have implemented the usage of a video that automatically plays on the homepage. Take note that these videos usually load really fast and do not affect the performance of the page. This aesthetic element can give a classy look to your site. It can set your brand apart from the static drool that many brands settle for. But how do you do this without affecting your page loading speeds? This...