Why you should use a wine rack?

While choosing the best wine rack, you should keep in mind that only those racks are good which can store tour wine properly.

It is said that for a wine to mature properly, it requires high humidity, temperature, light condition and movement. While storing the wine for a good amount of time one must ensure the wine is kept in safe place. Even though there are many ways to store wine but a wine rack cabinet would work fine.

A wine rack is a good investment for anyone who loves wine. Various types of racks are available to choose from, all of which are very cheap and affordable. The different sizes small or medium works perfect for home while the large styles are best for commercial use. No matter where wine is stored but surely a wine rack would keep wine for long years to come.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing wine rack?

  • Proper Storage 
  • Appropriate style
  • Size
  • Space and design 

Proper Storage of Wine Rack

Only those wine rack should be chosen the provide proper storage of wine and the storage where wine can be kept safely and properly.

Appropriate Style

Choosing the right style of wine rack for your home can create a great experience for you and your friends while partying or enjoying.The style should be appropriate whether it be stack,wall mount or side mount.


Choosing the appropriate size of wine rack is very important as it might impact the space of your home and size should be chosen accordingly. Size of storage of number of bottles is very important as some racks can store few bottle or some can choose hundreds of bottles.

Space and Design

  • There are a lot of varieties and designs for wine racks and choosing the best one can be a tough job but you can refer the recommendation given by us at Adhuntt and choose the best one. These design depend on ur space, size and style you like.

Which are the best types of wine racks? Horizontal or Vertical or Titled?

Horizontal wine racks are the best types of wine racks, Contrary to what many people might think that vertical wine racks will not be a good choice for storing the wine. Wine which is stored on vertical racks is stored vertically, it means that cork will get dry and eventually will begin to shrink, bringing air into wine and ruining the wine, on the hand vertical wine racks are better for short period of time or when wine has to be consumed young.

Titled wine racks are the racks which need to be avoided as they would dry out the corks or deposit sediments way closer to the cork.

List of best wine racks storage and cabinets in 2020

1.Metal Wall Mounted Wine Rack – Bottle & Glass Holder (BESTSELLER)

[Exclusive Design] – This beautiful unique metal wine holder is made by artist Anna Stay, it helps you build lifelong memories with friends over a good red or white wine.

[Pop Cork on a New Bottle] – This wine rack cabinet stores all your favourite brand and blends, corks and all your wine glasses in single, smart, neatly organized system.

[Quick & Easy Installation] – This wine holder can be installed in dining room, kitchen or wherever you wish to enjoy pleasure of deliciously fresh bottle.

[Wine Lover’s Gift] – This wall mounted wine holder is a smart choice especially the four built-in wine glass holders and extra cork tray.

[Cork Storage]- This wall mount wine holder has a special cork storage beneath the space for wine.

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2.Amazon Brand – 2L Lifestyle Bar Wine Cabinet(Large)

[Efficient storage]:This 2L lifestyle paxton bar wine cabinet gives access to all your wine and accessories at the same place. Whether you’re thinking of organising a party or relaxing solo with a glass of wine and having all the required essentials neatly organized in one cabinet.These wooden wine racks wood be an excellent choice.

[Quality construction]: This cabinet is built up with durable Mdf wood with quality craftsmanship involved. The bar wine cabinet is also coated with protective quality lacquer finish to be able to retail smooth finish for a longer period of time.

[Drawer for additional space]:Aside from its compartments of wine and glass holders, the wine storage cabinet also has another drawer installed so that utensils,corkscrews, napkins or other items can come in handy while hosting a party or enjoying at home with family.

The uppermost open shelf has  a stemware holder to display ur best glasses, up to 12 glasses can be kept. Clean lines X design wine bottle grid allows upto 20 bottles

[Compact and convenient]: With a light structure that makes it less imposing on your space, this wine storage cabinet comes in handy for homeowners with limited space. This item only weighs 38 lbs., for easy mobility.

It is built with a light structure making it less imposing or acquiring space. It comes handy for homes with limited space. This light structure weights just 38 lbs. Making easy mobility possible.

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3.Beyond Your Thoughts Wine Rack Pine Wood 36 Bottle Capacity Stackable Storage (Customizable) 

[Made from Pine wood]:This wine rack is built from high quality smooth solid wood which is quite thicker than other comparable products available in market.

[Easy to Assemble]: This wine racks’s pieces simply fit together with each other like the lego blocks and locks in place. It takes just a few minutes to install without requirement of any tools or nails.

[Safe Arc Design]:  You can be rest assured to use it in special way it will definitely become more solid after you put wine on it.

[Durable and Strong]: This wine rack is made up of high quality wood, boards are quite thick to make the racks very strong and more durable.

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4.Mango Steam 23/46 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top, Black

[Black Glass Top Shelf]: Provides an Extra Storage Space for bottles that are too large or for any additional accessories you wish to keep near your wine!

[Stores Bottles at Proper Angle]:It holds your wine bottles at a perfect proper angle to maintain the delicious taste of your wine! The way bottles are stored keep in constant touch with the cork so that no air gets into the bottle!.

[Designed to Fit Under Cabinets]:This wine rack is designed in such a way that it fits under most cabinets! You just have to slide it under the desired cabinet and fill the space with wine bottles and also save space of racks

[Capacity]: The wine rack holds 23 standard 750 ml size bottles easily and also has a product with 32 standard bottles.

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5.PAG 23 Bottles Arched Free-Standing Floor Metal Wine Rack

[Best Quality]: The wine rack is built up with high quality material(metal) with durable powder, coat finish, anti-oxidation and anti-rust, extend the service life.

[Wine Rack Size]: W12.6inch x D7.2inch x H32.68inch. This free standing horizontal metal wine rack can hold up to 23 bottles standard wine bottles and efficiently use the needed storage space

[Fashion and Free-standing Design]: The wine rack can be placed right on floor as it has an arched design. It’s sturdy structure prevents it from wobbling,titling or falling. It also has a handle on rack top for easy moving and is convenient to use.

[Widely Used]: The wine rack can be used anywhere home or office or used in kitchen, dining room, wine cellar, bar or restaurant.It is the perfect gift for all your family, relatives, friends, business partners, wine lovers and wine collectors.

[Easy Installation]:You need to install 10 screws to fix 5 connected it on rods. And 4 foot pads of wine racks are adjustable for balance.

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6.Legnoart Enoteca 10-Bottle Wood Wall Rack, Natural

[Construction]: This amazing wall mount wooden rack is built with high quality solid ash Wood making it much stronger.

[Capacity]: This wine rack is suitable for 10 bottles and can hold them from the point of cork.

[Easy Installation]:You need to install screws to fix wine rack and it is very easy to install as it requires no rocket science for installation.

[Screws Included]: This natural colour finished wine rack includes screws which might be helpful for wall mounting the wine racks.

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7.Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack 6-Bottles (Bamboo)

[BAMBOO COUNTERTOP WINE RACK] (BAMBOO)—It is used for Showcasing, organising, and storing up to 6 wine bottles—Ideal for both new wine collectors and for all wine lover’s.

[FLAT SURFACE DESIGN]—It has two horizontal shelves which provides a sturdy and free standing surface which is required for countertops, tabletops, and shelves in or above wood cabinets

[ELEGANTWOODLOOK]— It is a statement kind of piece for any counter space or wine cellar and is Constructed from rich high quality wood which also complements a good wide variety of décor

[COMPACT SIZE] —It is not only Space-saving wood shelf design but also perfect for small kitchens and dining rooms and Requires very  little counter space for holding various sized bottles

[FOLDABLE & FUNCTIONAL]— It is a foldable rack which quickly collapses close for easy storage when not in use It can also place multiple racks side-by-side to create your own mini wine cellar display.

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8.Sorbus Wine Rack Stand Bordeaux Chateau Style with Glass Table – Holds Bottles of Wine  (Wine Stand – 30 Bottles)

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[Elegant Top Shelf]:This wine rack has a tough glass table which adds storage and display for glasses, wine accessories and of course wine bottles

[Holds Plenty]: It holds plenty of bottles and also fits nicely in a corner or against the wall without taking up much space.Stores up to 30 bottles total properly.

[Sturdy & Durable]: This wine rack is Decorative frame made of durable metal construction with the black powder coated finish

[EASY TO ASSEMBLE]: It requires minimal assembling and also provides step-by-step assembling instructions and Hardware is also included . 8 screws come already inserted in the frame upon arrival, but need to be taken out and inserted back in properly for assembly It is very Lightweight and functional It can be placed anywhere on floor with little or no effort. 

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9.Sorbus 3 Tier Stackable Wine Rack – Round Classic Style Wine Racks for Bottles

[3-TIER WINE RACK (COPPER)]: It is like a Showcase which organize, and store up to 12 wine bottles decorative freestanding. Wine rack is stackable and ideal for both new wine collectors and delicious wine lovers .

[STACKABLE & DETACHABLE]: This Free-standing racks for bottles will definitely fit any of the space stack each tier vertically or detach and place them side by side for versatility stack additional layers for extra capacity.

[STYLISH ACCENT]: Its beautiful circular tiers make it a statement piece at home, kitchen, pantry, cabinet, dining room, basement, countertop, bar, or living room and cellar complements a wide variety of décor.

[STURDY & DURABLE]: This wine rack is Decorative frame made of durable metal construction with the black powder coated finish and it’s Solid construction holds up to 4 bottles securely on each horizontal tier (12 bottles total) also it’s sturdy structure prevents wobbling, tilting, or falling.

[DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS]: It is constructed from high quality metal with round shaped tiers, Minimal assembling ot no tools are required as it holds most standard wine bottles, Measures approximately 15.50” L x 6.50” W x 12.75”H, Each round holder Approx 3″ D.

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Which type of racks are the best?

Horizontal racks are the best for wine storing needs as it will keep the cork moist and also will keep unwanted air away and also will make it avoid contact with the wine. The sediment will also fall towards the side of bottle, preventing spillage when you pop out the cork. These horizontal racks are also very affordable and you can always add more racks of your favorite design with little to no problem or you can also choose the racks given above. 

The materials for wine racks are normally wood or metal. You can hang them from ceilings, mount them on the wall, or simply place them on the floor. Metal racks are the strongest, although wood is more flexible. Wooden racks provide a bit more storage, for the simple fact that you can always add to them. Wood racks are also visually appealing, durable, and provide plenty of strength.